Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

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63 Responses

  1. 7inline says:

    Get the Asian dude on this show again! He was hilarious but respectful at the same time, loved him!

  2. Nève M says:

    Exterminator guy: “If it walks, crawls or flys, we will kill it”
    Me: Soo humans are included?

  3. I fart daisies says:

    This red head chick’s skirt is damn short. Wtf. Haha if I Wore that skirt I would be scared for my life, to drop anything. 😂

  4. sadder daze says:

    “she shops at Nordstrom for thisss” the SHADE 😂❤️

  5. kwaiky says:

    Brb gonna become a hair stylist and apply at all big corporate campuses

  6. Alli4161 says:

    Can we talk about the dude who went from homelessness to owning an IT Firm? Good for you dude

  7. ImMig says:

    “It’s like an iPhone 9 or somethin’ ” BITCH LMAO that’s not even a thing.

  8. Arauca Imalay says:

    Can we get more of the asian guy ?! He’s funny without being rude af

  9. Johnny Nigga says:

    0:43 “I was told I was guessing penis sizes” LMFAOO whoever told u must be dyin while watching this😂😭

  10. Trustworthy Squirrel says:

    A German man exterminating???? With gas????????? Made me nervous

  11. N T says:

    The German raised exterminator is intimidating AF. He just radiates disciplin and strictness.

  12. That1Guy says:

    “Anyone can get rich”

    Says the life coach who’s the richest in the room

  13. x50 says:

    Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg in his super casual clothing was there and they didn’t know who he was, what would he get?

  14. Panther Pope says:

    That Ginger chick dressed up lookin’ for a Sugar Daddy

  15. Gangster Gastino says:

    I would have guessed the guy with the plain clothes was making money. Like bill gates he ain’t trying to impress

  16. Seltzerboy says:

    Is no one gonna mention that dude whose wife tried to stab him to death…?

  17. AJ Mo says:

    that exterminator reminds me of creed in the office lol

  18. Sharese Newbill says:

    Hate to break it to ya but there’s no such thing as an IPhone 9 😂

  19. BayBearZ says:

    did this dude say iPhone 9??

  20. NickRules says:

    I know its not just me but that old guy is funny af….

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