Guess The Selfie Fail (GAME)

Guess The Selfie Fail (GAME)

Selfie fails vs. Link… Can he guess what’s been censored out of these photos?  GMM #1488

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95 Responses

  1. A Drum Tsukumogami says:


  2. Zak D says:

    I think the _real_ fail happens when you unironically buy a selfie-stick.

  3. Iconic says:

    Every selfie i ever took was a mistake

  4. RoseTylerTheDoctor says:

    when you wake up before GMM you know you’re up too early

  5. rain aesthetics says:

    “its not exactly a shirt” LMAOOO?

  6. the invisible me says:

    “You know what day it is… is Thursday and Thursday means I have to work again.

  7. Aurora Meiesna says:

    Whenever I activate my selfie camera by mistake, I die a little inside.

  8. cool guy044 says:

    The phone quality verses the acual camera quality geez

  9. The Dirpyteabag says:

    I would love to see a shirtless man puking

    -Link 2019

  10. Jas Araya says:

    “It’s not much of a shirt” says the father of a teenage daughter ?

  11. seidimeow says:

    00:45 selfie stick or _narcissistick_ ?

  12. miss havisham says:

    Selfie fail :
    When you open the camera unexpectedly on yourself and you look like Jabba the hutt?

  13. milkman man says:

    Whats wrong with being a milkman…

  14. min may Ngo says:

    This show is getting less and less family-friendly lol

  15. Evariste Galois says:

    **tries to take a selfie that actually looks good**

    Life: “Wait. That’s illegal”

  16. Moses Emmet says:

    I don’t know that second photo seemed photoshopped…

  17. Randyy1 says:

    I love the bit at the very end, Rhett loves teasing Stevie about her being queer lol

    • Levi Smith says:

      I’m from Galax it’s a nice little place. Surprising to see it come up on here though. Also I doubt Rhett was teasing about her being lesbian it’s just a word that has to be delivered with punch.

    • Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez says:

      +Kaitlyn Parker A lot of us gays use queer interchangeably with our respected labels. A lot of my lesbian friends don’t care which one you use.

    • TRVP95 says:

      Kaitlyn Parker , then maybe they should take the Q out of LGBQT$#HUB

    • Amanda Kaufman says:

      Levi Smith which area of Virginia is Galax in? I’ve lived in Northern Virginia my whole life and usually up here anywhere south of us is just homogeneously labeled as “Richmond”. I love finding out about smaller towns, especially the farther you are away from DC and Baltimore, some places seem as though you step back in time and everything is so much calmer. I’ve technically lived in a small town but because the city is right behind us we usually get grouped in with them, partially because we have the same name. There’s a small section that gives you that small town feel but it’s overshadowed by 28 because to get to any of the original old mom and pop shops and neighborhoods you have to fight through 28 city traffic all day long.

    • Balala says:

      +TRVP95 or just take all the other letters out. That acronym has too many consonants and too few vocals anyways

  18. Mreigh98 says:

    “What the hellfie went wrong with this selfie” is by far my favorite game title so far ??

  19. WhitDog WhatsUp says:

    *I wonder what time today that THIS will be on trending!?!* I love seeing our guys on that list Everyday! Haha. Much Love Beasts ??

  20. Good Mythical Morning says:

    To see today’s punishment, head over to our Instagram:

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