Guess The Weight! 😲

Guess The Weight! 😲

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27 Responses

  1. Anonymous RS says:

    “Aaand cut! That’s a Tik Tok right there, good work today bro.”

    “…No I’m not giving you a hundred dollars, are you stupid?”

  2. joby mf giles la flare says:

    these videos are almost as real as my girlfriend

  3. Just Yes says:

    I will literally pay you 20 bucks to let me

  4. Tye Dye says:

    I also ponder about life with a mask over my face

  5. Ms Scholar says:

    5 pounds feels heavier when your arm is sore🥲

  6. Fantastic Cuber says:

    Joey Rogoff: Ok now, guess the weight of this.
    *proceeds to throw freaking 800 lbs on him*

  7. ItsCharlotteNoMore ツ says:

    “I’ll push you off the building if your get this right”

    • That Rich Girl ᴾᴿᴱᴹᴵᵁᴹ says:

      @Kokichi Ouma The Ultimate Supreme Leader Let me teach you a new word : *SMASHING*

    • yes says:

      @Kokichi Ouma The Ultimate Supreme Leader I never said the joke was funny either and I clearly made the comment before you stated the fact that you knew the joke so don’t get all mad at me

    • Kokichi Ouma The Ultimate Supreme Leader says:

      I’m starting to get annoyed because YouTube keeps deleting my response

      kid you obviously don’t know what r/whoosh mean

      Take that whoosh and shove it where the sun don’t shine because I obviously stated that I knew it was a joke but because of the glass the joke wasn’t funny. An “r/whoosh” is when someone doesn’t see the joke at all

    • AllJellyBeanStansAreFatherless says:


    • Kokichi Ouma The Ultimate Supreme Leader says:

      @easyclapss I understood it, it just wasn’t funny

  8. Mohammad Omar says:

    Once he knew that it is 10 lb then he calculated all the others according to that that’s how he Won!!

  9. JaraX2 says:

    Lowkey surprised bro could pick up 10 pounds by himself

  10. It's me from omegle says:

    He totally gave him the money based on the instant cut

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