Guess What Pokemon The Other Person Caught To Win

Guess What Pokemon The Other Person Caught To Win

Whoever guesses what Pokemon the other person caught 3 times wins!
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40 Responses

  1. PM7 says:

    Bringing the new year in with some more JMC fun! Huge thank you to RAID for helping make the JMC possible, install Raid for Free ✅Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Jotun ❄Celebrate Christmas with RAID and get your gifts at

    • Musical Boarder says:

      Luvdisc is used by juan in gen 3 so this challenge should be nullified because of false information

    • Youtube-Kit94 says:

      Hey, I think I missed a vid of yours, in which did you get the Drowzee named Michael?

    • Rekt Tangela says:

      By the way if you’ve caught the Pokémon before (which I’m sure you’ve both finished the pokedex by now, so that’s all of them) then a crit catch will show whenever a Pokémon is caught instead of the three shakes animation, so although you were joking about it, you literally can only catch Pokémon in crits now, so you know if you’ve caught a Pokémon if you see a crit catch, if you don’t see a crit catch, you haven’t caught the pokemon

    • Rayquaza1934 says:

      Hey John I got a shiny Swablu yesterday

    • Nathan says:

      By the way you spelled Wuffls wrong it’s Wuffels

  2. Tloc Revelc says:

    I always love the dynamic of John having the most random of thoughts that end up going nowhere and Mikey over thinking almost everything and also goes nowhere. It’s hilarious

    • Sir Will says:

      @DukeDarkshadow that is so true, lol.

    • Tloc Revelc says:

      @DukeDarkshadow that’s exactly the point and it never fails to amaze

    • DukeDarkshadow says:

      I think that’s why the two of them as a duo are so entertaining in these competitions. Mikey’s habit of always trying to overanalyze everything doesn’t exactly work when John never has any kind thought process behind anything he does 😂

  3. Switchlvl271 says:

    The fact that John gets so many shinies is everything

    • TheMaestro says:

      Apart from the PM7 guarantee, how?! Does catching multiple Shinies increase encounter odds did I miss something?

    • Austin Pitts says:

      Even if John doesn’t win he should totally get a trophy for getting the most shinies

    • Brother Hood says:

      i am in game for 85h in scarlet and have 8 shinies so far finished main story like 10h ago and i am 53 pokemons from completing dex mostly i miss exclusives from violet but i think trick to shiny hunting is in both games is exploring random locations not hunting for specific one

    • Nes Radub says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo gifted him a copy with increased shiny rates or something

  4. Xay says:

    I know there’s probably lots of wholesome friendships here in the internet but John and Mikey are definitely one of them.

    Whenever they both laugh at something, it definitely gives some serotonins.

  5. K-Conn 22 says:

    I started cackling the minute I saw PM7 going for Drowzee. 🤣 The joke will never end!

  6. Trevor Cole says:

    PM7’s editor needs a raise in 2023. The jokes and comedic timing always kill me.

  7. Peter James Villegas says:

    John is always getting shiny every time he’s competing with Mikey. Now, THAT’S PM7 Guaranteed!

  8. MandJTV Plays says:

    I am a freakin’ Garganacl after this video (a temple of salt)

  9. Nora Morgan says:

    The John Shiny difference is truly beautiful

  10. Michael Nelson says:

    This is interesting. My friend and I recently started playing “Pokémon 20 Questions”, so seeing you guys do [a variation of] it is amusing to see.

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