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20 Responses

  1. MakotoItoKun says:

    LOL Leafy donated 1k WOW! Leafy the cyber bully more like Leafy the god, am
    I right?

  2. T. B. says:

    We get it, phil. You donated money to them. Be sure to remind us a fourth
    time in your next video.

  3. Afurious Whistler says:

    Life advice=worth it
    Also, the advert should be able to say what it wants, and we, as the
    supposedly free thinking, liberated and quite privileged people of the
    world, can go “hey, you know what, this ad’s on the tvyoutube, but I
    disagree with it, so guess what, just not gonna buy that one..” Let the
    idiots in this world dig their own graves, or you know, just don’t be so
    damn sensitive being the free thinking, liberated and quite privileged
    people of the world that you are.

  4. Teresa Flores says:

    Blue balls lmao ??

  5. Leo Rautenberg says:

    can you cover the Kickstarter campaign for rebuilding eric: uk’s first

  6. funkycowie says:

    Old commercial and new commercial are meant as jokes but will be seen a
    racist regardless when it is down to a cultural difference/view especially
    with the second commercial… for instance you can get Blackman Toothpaste
    in Taiwan/China.

  7. schmidtyMC says:

    I don’t know why, but the new lowercase text at the end of the title thing
    angers me.

  8. fred1boot says:

    ILYF Phil

  9. Staci Kae Alter says:

    $145k so far – I think by the time you put the retainer down, you can
    afford to fight to the death.

  10. Tanya says:

    I understand why some people would feel offended by those commercials, but
    to me it’s just a hilarious joke hahaha

  11. L7 Banks says:

    I donated 600 dollars

  12. SusanBailey AmazingEstate says:

    You did a good thing by setting up that GoFundMe account, Mr. DeFranco. You
    should be proud of yourself. Good for you.

  13. JJultimateG says:

    No captain America shouldn’t be gay, I have no problem with gay characters
    being on screen. However cap isn’t a gay character and I hate that whenever
    there are too close guy friends everyone who doesn’t actually know anything
    about the characters just wants them to be shipped. All these people saying
    that young gay people need someone too look up to in these superhero movies
    are kinda right, but there are gay characters in the comics that they could
    use. Also instead of completely changing a character and his backround for
    some people who don’t even know his backround or haven’t read the comics
    and just watch the movies is just so stupid. How about instead of
    completely trying to change characters all the time just for being PC, we
    make NEW characters. This can work and I don’t know why people don’t
    realize this. Example ice man being gay in the past made no sense, but new
    spiderman being black/Hispanic made sense, cause Peter Parker dies in that

  14. MeezyKiddo says:

    The irony of the Fine Bros to donate 10k against something they were
    wanting to take advantage from the beginning ! lol

  15. Sean Oconnell says:

    Commercial is in bad taste but nothing to give more than 1 shit about

  16. Derek Warner says:

    Philip you are amazing

  17. Navot Eili says:

    phil, just so you know, john oliver talked about the situation of nuclear
    weapons in the USA in july 27 2014.
    you should check it out ;)

  18. cloudstrife4534 says:

    Those ad sure are…interesting. I just think it’s spreading a bad message
    that if you force someone’s head into a washing machine, they’ll come back
    out as anything other than dead.

  19. Michael Harcrow says:

    Hey guys, just fyi. A few news articles have come out about the 15 year old
    girl with all of those guys. She had been rescued from sec trafficking two
    years prior and had been in rehab for it. On the note of old computers
    managing our nukes, well they certainly are not going to get hacked
    remotely ;)

  20. Jeffrey M. Reynolds says:

    Phil… you beautiful bastard… you made my day in a couple of ways today.
    #1 – Dat GoFundMe success, and #2 – You couldn’t care less! The misuse of
    “I could care less” is quite infuriating to me. ?