Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge | People Vs. Food

Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge | People Vs. Food

Try to guess which pizza is the Chuck E. Cheese pizza. Check out Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory on this!
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Reactors Featured:
Jair, age 17
Mikaela, age 19


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Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge | People Vs. Food

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40 Responses

  1. CrackedAsain says:

    *shane dawson has entered the chat*

  2. F l o w e r.落ちた says:

    *Shane dawson fans clicked so fast.*

  3. xxellie27xx says:

    The pizza where all the pieces don’t line up is definitely chuck-e-cheese @ Shane ?

  4. EZ Tay says:

    Looks like Chuck E Cheese started making the pizzas fresh for real now that they got investigated by Shane ?

  5. REACT says:

    Subscribe to our behind the scenes channel FBE2 channel for Vlogs, exclusive content, and more!
    Be part of the FBE Family! Subscribe, then hit the ?!
    Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing!
    – FBE Team

    • Glurp puffloid says:

      React to Dimash Kudaibergen, start with his Chinese competitions songs and then go onto his conventions and joint work with other artists, and then end with his current competition in the US on CBS.

    • Gabriela Martinez says:

      REACT react to “Why Don’t We” please

  6. Aesthrielle Laird says:

    Chuck E Cheese have been getting alot of attention since Shane’s conspiracy video

  7. Kristina Diaz says:

    Shane straight up broke the internet lmao

  8. The Walking dead says:

    *Shane Dawson has entered the chat*

  9. pep says:

    they ate my family, *I will seek revenge*

  10. cappucappu94 says:

    Shane Dawson’s impact

  11. Andrew Mckibben says:

    Is Pizza hut better in Canada or something

  12. Leslie West says:

    Little Caesars pizza is so good tho

  13. KIRITO says:

    8:47 So Shane is right.

  14. hit or miss says:

    Shane really broke the internet with Chuck-e-cheese

  15. Officially. Elle says:

    *Chuck E Cheese has left the chat*
    *Shane Dawson has entered the chat*

  16. Emily Alpizar says:

    Chuck E. Cheese has left the chat

  17. Tameka Pardue says:

    Oh Shane what have you done.

  18. Nightmare says:

    *Everyone always follow in the step of Shane. . .Queen always making trends*

  19. Daisy Ramos says:

    *Shane Dawson has entered chat*

  20. Tally Evans says:

    Hey! I remember one of those slices…

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