Guess Who’s A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

Guess Who’s A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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Guess Who’s A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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53 Responses

  1. I Write A Song A Day says:

    This is from such a long time ago, Cut was probably still called Watch Cut Video

  2. Ahmed Kalair says:

    This is so sad. Alexa do NOT play despacito

  3. Alex Valencia says:

    Damn at the start I was like why are her arm floating

  4. Cameron - says:

    Why the same vid , got me hyped man

    • Cameron - says:

      Everton Peterson why does it matter how old I am . I swear I get asked this shit on a daily 😂

    • Cameron - says:

      b3z3jm3nny I see that but I think it’s pointless to make the exact same vid with a dif person instead of thinking of something new

    • b3z3jm3nny says:

      That’s how Cut always does this though. They’ll do one overview video showing a little bit of everyone and then have more videos focusing on each person and how they come to all of their guesses.

    • Cameron - says:

      b3z3jm3nny okay , but I don’t like that lol , but thankyou for your input

    • b3z3jm3nny says:

      Yeah, I mean, I guess they just have a ton of good footage and if they released it all in one giant video no one would watch it cause it’d be too long, but it does confuse a lot of people for sure.

  5. ISA says:

    This is kinda awkward, but in a good way

  6. Aaron Siva says:

    Alexa play guess who’s a couple from a group of strangers

    then play despacito

  7. Aaron Siva says:

    incoming alexa jokes

  8. Jordan says:

    *Throwback Tuesday*

  9. Versaucey says:

    3:00 _Alexa play Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme song_

  10. Pritz Angelz says:

    0:20 when her arms blend in with the background and you’re like 😶

  11. Nefeli Jeevas says:

    honestly if you learn to spot the geometry on the faces, it’s really easy, we watch ourselves in the mirror. Even subconsciously we learn to love what we see, we tend to go after people that look like us, even if it’s not there on first glance. That’s why you may see someone and be like damn she/he’s pretty and ur friend be like “i don’t see it”, cause u tend to go after your own shapes. Ofc there are people considered generally attractive, geometrical faces are really pleasing to the eye, but studying fine arts, with a splash of anatomy and pschycology really made me see the whole world with different eyes. (That’s also why some couples tend to look like relatives.)

  12. Everton Peterson says:

    Alexa can guess couples, but……

    *cAN sHe PlaY DespACiTO*

  13. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    This would be a lot more embarrassing with an odd number of people.

  14. Mote says:

    2:42 Hat pulled over his eyebrows?

  15. Diana S says:

    Ideas: -“people guess strangers’ music taste”
    -“people match strangers to their home countries”
    -“people match strangers to the stereotype they’re wrongly associated with”

  16. navi says:

    that’s old lol you can see that by the people.

  17. Stélio Kontos Production says:

    This is so happy, alexa play despacito

  18. iGOT7 problems, But you got no jams says:

    2:31 was holding her hand for way too long, definitely a couple

  19. Roxi Potzi says:

    They should have added a polygamy relationship, would have made things funnier

  20. toast ji says:

    the world we live in is someone scared of pairing two black people together for fear of coming off as racist, when it would have just been an innocent logical pairing.

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