Guess Who’s Comey To Dinner?

Guess Who’s Comey To Dinner?

Stephen might have mentioned the biggest congressional testimony of the century once or twice in Thursday’s monologue.

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20 Responses

  1. JCTiggs says:


  2. Habiba KB says:

    waited all day for this

  3. Hina Yasin says:

    Better than soap opera

  4. zach miller says:

    This testimony provided no juicy detail but a continuous grilling of one sentence “can’t talk about this in open setting”. But I’m happy atleast he confirmed that trump is (pathological) liar.
    Sad thing is GOP is still defending him saying he’s new to this job.. well if you don’t know how to do your job please resign. plain and simple

  5. MrBloodbunny says:

    Rise my fellow EU commenters, good morning my friends 🙂

  6. Kassie Mitchell says:

    Here before a million views.

  7. national bae says:

    Can we talk about how Sen. Risch sounded like a lawyer defending an obviously guilty client in a courtroom? It was so funny, him trying to twist and mince Trump’s exact words. There is a thing called SUBTEXT for fuck’s sake! LMAO

  8. Darth Revan says:

    And remember James Comey needed to renounce on a date with his wife in order to meet our first orange

  9. DarkSides Deep says:


  10. Derek Watson says:

    Here’s what we know.
    Trump wanted to meet with Comey alone… removed everyone from the room including the guy who Comey reported to… to discuss (based on Trump’s testimony) that Flynn was a good guy and how he was doing like Comey keeps track of how subjects of investigation are doing. Smell that? It’s BS.

    What actually happened is he asked Comey to let go of the Flynn case. Comey didn’t. Trump fired him. Lied about the reason why. Admitted the Russia investigation played a role.

    Nothing to see here!!!

  11. Leah Sartoris says:

    On the one hand I wish politics in my country would be as interesting as in the US but on the other I’m glad we don’t have a narcissistic turd sandwich as president

  12. Bramy Bian says:

    Finally! Uncut monologue

  13. the_dead_poet says:

    Ha Ha, all of this would have been very funny, if this wasn’t reality.
    this is what happens when you elect a reality TV star… the reality becomes a fantasy.

  14. yunuss58 says:

    I facepalmed so hard at Mccain.

  15. Alphasnowbordergirl says:

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one confused what Cain was trying to say. His logic lost me.

  16. Adam Jameel says:

    I hope McCain didn’t save any questions for the closed setting.

  17. Tyler says:

    Did McCain have a stroke or something?

  18. Daniel Arul says:

    The names Comey. James Comey.

  19. Ana Costa says:

    The McCain part of the testimony was cringeworthy….

  20. Aung Ye Thu says:

    What the fuck is John McCaine talking about?

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