Guess Who’s Preggers | Shay Mitchell

Guess Who’s Preggers | Shay Mitchell

There is something in the oven and it’s not my pizza!!! WOW… It’s kind of surreal processing the fact that another human is growing inside of you. It’s exciting, nerve-racking, difficult and emotional all at the same time. Everyone waits for the right time to make the announcement and for me it wasn’t until I couldn’t hide it anymore and was tired of wearing over sized sweatshirts. We’re beyond excited and looking forward to starting a family. I’ve learned so much about myself and parenthood over the past 6 months, and feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface! It’s going to be a wild ride!!

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41 Responses

  1. Layla Jackson says:

    I love how she threw the ultrasound photos like they were trash??

  2. Hailee Heart says:

    Shay: Now I can do this!

    *slams the car door with her belly*

    LMAO ? ❤️

  3. findingparis says:

    OMG IM CRYING, Im so happy for you, congrats girl ! You def got that pregnancy glow

  4. Anthony James says:

    No way. I feel like I just watched an episode of a new keeping up with the kardashians episode?

  5. willowsillow8 says:

    2:05 I can do that too and I’m not pregnant

  6. Veronika Vaclavkova says:

    that’s so cute. congrats! so awesome! also i’m planing long time to tell you that ur videos has completly different level, you can show us things in that way, we never thought it’s possible. i admire you so so much, and i’m your fan like for forever. congrats once again, you will be great mother and i can’t wait to another episode of this concept. love you, be careful. bye????

  7. Ola says:

    IS BEN THE FATHER!??!?!?!?

  8. Noyer Bobley says:

    *Emily is pregnant… I mean Shay. I’m soo excited for her and Alison… I mean her boyfriend* ??

  9. yaya chris says:

    Omg dead ass I’ve been waiting for this moment for her to become the most beautiful mom
    Favorite since pretty little lairs

  10. Lil Gucci says:


    Congratulations! You are so amazing Shay!

    I’ve watched Pretty Little liars and that time I knew you would be pregnant one day or another!

    I guess today was the day!


  11. fatima wani says:

    It’s been 6 months already,??and we didn’t even noticed it, that’s such an A move!!!

    Whatever happy for you?♥️

  12. Virei vegetariano says:

    wait WHAT ????? lol this is awesome <3 CONGRATULATIONS !

  13. 1kaleeeeee says:

    For some reason I knew this news for a while. I watched a video, told friends, and… NO ONE believed me ? Congratulations! Now I can tell everyone “I told ya so”

  14. juelz Evans says:

    I know this is a sweet moment, but I deadass thought u were Ariana grande by the thumbnail.(congratulations)?

  15. Pip Veldkamp says:

    2:04 ‘now i can do this’?

  16. Bessie says:

    me: reads title

    me: looks down

    me: WAIT

    me: ohhh it’s Shay

  17. Bia says:

    Does she have a boyfriend ? What did i miss again??

  18. Oishani06 says:

    “Now i can do this!”

    i can do that too and im not even pregnant

  19. Ishan Ali says:

    “A” was found wigless and in critical condition that he didn’t find out about this

  20. Mikhaella Ponce de Leon says:

    wawawait didn’t you donate your eggs though, you know, to pay for school??? And somebody like stole them? ?

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