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20 Responses

  1. Andrea Christopher says:

    Definitely agree with you on not going easy on anyone who breaks into my
    house, hurleys and golf clubs would be used!!

  2. Newbyrock23 says:

    Glad I live in Texas. You fuk with my wife or child and you’re gonna
    experience first hand what the Marine Corps taught me.
    Absolutely ZERO sympathy. What kind of hippy drippy judge would charge a
    man for DEFENDING his home???
    Mothers of America, take ownership, grow a pair. Don’t you dare defend this
    kind of belligerent anarchy.

    This false sense of entitlement is ruining a nation .

  3. HisRealChild says:

    Pssh.. If I see some stranger in my child’s bedroom that’s it for their
    life. Not sorry at all.

  4. Sher Lock says:

    But it’s not April yet…..

  5. JasonTheHuman says:

    5:01 – 5:07 when you play to much GTA

  6. Burori1 says:

    Yeah, it made a fuck ton of money. So what? That means nothng.

  7. ZxXxTimeBombxXxZ says:

    $15 an hour go fuck yourselves

  8. DeeoMaika says:

    Poeple getting hurt in Belgium: Extra Video to show sympathy. People
    getting hurt in Pakistan: 10 second mention. Pretty sad.

  9. Christian Franklyn says:

    how is it murder? i mean shouldn’t Batterham be charged for manslaughter
    since there was no intention to kill? and it was accidental?

  10. TheOfficialOC says:

    He should be held accountable as a murderer. You have no right to take
    someones life. Stopping someone from robbing you is completely different
    than murder.
    Lately Ive found it so hard to watch Phil’s videos because he is coming
    that asshole he was at the beginning. I think Im just going to stop

  11. Wade Wilson says:


  12. David Harvey says:

    fuck that dead douche bag. #freethatkidsdad

  13. Artic Games (J.C.) says:

    I thought we are protected from defending our own home from a break in. i
    mean i find some man in my daughters room i will do my best to subdue him
    but as far as i remembered we are protected when defending our home. how
    has he been arrested it just does not seem fair.

  14. notmadheardthingsinhell says:

    Funny. Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to terrorism in Pakistan
    during 2002 as I immediately Google searched it. Belgium does not. please
    explain why Pakistan needs more attention. Outside of the fact that
    Pakistan cannot control terrorism within its own borders.

  15. SonicAngel2020 says:

    Mother of god are they actually gonna charge that man for killing a 34 year
    old criminal who was IN HIS DAUGHTER’s room?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Fuck this world and everyone on it.

  16. Oliver Ewing says:

    There is no point of raising the minimum wage but to make people think they
    are richer, because all that happens when the minimum wage goes up is
    businesses in that area will most likely increase there prices because
    people have more money and essentially your goes where you started just
    with a bit of inflation.

  17. Sori Fierce says:

    Love has no age

  18. Josh Beamon says:

    The justice system is illogical. He’s not going to be convicted, but the
    fact that they would even put someone through the hassle of being thrown in
    jail without bail, for defending one’s family and belongings is crazy. No
    sympathy for the situation, only for the lost soul.

  19. salma saleh says:

    So the attack in Brussels is worth it’s own separate video but the attack
    in Pakistan isn’t? Phil, tell me exactly, do all lives truly matter or is
    that just what people say to seem big hearted nowadays?

  20. Carter Sloan says:

    educate yourself and get a real job, minimum wage is for teenagers. If your
    over 25 and still making minimum wage, then you have other things to worry