The Race V4 Final Step.

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▪ Edit and Commentary by: https://twitter.com/_Zioles
▪ Blox Fruits Twitter: https://twitter.com/BloxFruits
▪ Blox Fruits Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bloxfruitsofficials

Song Credits:
Artist: Trial & Error
Vocal: kikyow ( http://kuragemetal.com/ )
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( http://www.tandess.com/music/ )
Kanshou Resistance:

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38 Responses

  1. Axiore says:

    The long wait is finally over! ⏰🎉

  2. Lucas Sem sensi says:

    poderes antigos ao se transformar, recebe estatísticas máximas, bem como aumento de dano e velocidade e cura em 10% armadura leviatã ganha um escudo de água que se regenera ao causar dano

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Gurizada br, alguém aí sabe se a pessoa que pegou v4 pode começar o trial com as outras 2? Eu testei isso com a pessoa q pegou v4 e não consegui, talvez seja 1 lua cheia por pessoa

  4. Montgomry Petit says:

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    • 1MB says:

      @ilikeminecraft epic3 ding ding ding correctomundo

    • ilikeminecraft epic3 says:

      are these just all bots replying to a bot

    • Flair Lila says:

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    • Micheal Yoder says:

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    • Louis Kallita says:

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  5. dorito nacho cheese says:

    Combos are gonna do so much more damage now with every single move dealing max damage

    Btw I think that we should have health buff cus pvp is gonna be way to fast or it’s supposed to be like that

  6. MoFlare says:

    Well, I already know Humans gonna be OP

  7. Lawrance Ohn Lwin says:

    Just imagine ghoul v4’s dark domain combined with shadow fruit’s ultimate move

  8. dubydyyt21 says:

    The fact that gamer robot did not think the hardship the solo players will experience because of the multiple player requirements haa getting v4 race for solo player like me will be close to impossible

  9. Sebbychu says:

    Finally, now i can host my boss raid with this race

  10. blue says:

    The ghoul’s upgraded domain expansion is dark c skill mixed with shadow f skill

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