GUILTY! GoFundMe Scammers Face 10-20 Years, Massive Trudeau Corruption Scandal, New Hope to Cure HIV

GUILTY! GoFundMe Scammers Face 10-20 Years, Massive Trudeau Corruption Scandal, New Hope to Cure HIV

Happy Friday! We made it guys, see ya Monday!
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GoFundMe Scammers Plead Guilty:

Red Table Talk Sets Facebook Record:

Second Person “Cured” of HIV:
Dr. Mike – Second Man “CURED” of HIV:

Corruption Scandal in Canada:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Cecelia Applegate
#DeFranco #GoFundMe #Trudeau

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89 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Happy Friday, Nation!
    GoFundMe Scam (00:15), Red Table Talk Sets Record (2:12), TIA (3:56), HIV Cure Advancements (5:45), Trudeau Lavalin Controversy (9:44)

    • LBandCOOLJ says:

      Fact check on the CCR5 KO WBCs -> Not 100% successful and other coreceptors resist. But yeah, some people have natural resistance with the defective CCR5 allele

    • Sam Higgs says:

      Canadian here: there has been a lot to criticize Trudeau for over the years, but just like with all allegations of slanted speech it is hard to parse truth from fiction. That being said the only way to reach the truth is through investigation and collection of all available facts. So inspect away. I feel if the government won’t launch credible investigatory actions into such a large scale scandal then it betrays what they already know, and I feel the Canadian voting base will recognize that as well.

    • barb r. says:

      phil. we all know theirs no such thing as an hiv resistant person. ty to b clear. tyyy

    • Sinstar33 says:

      Love the Doctor Mike shout out!

    • Donovon Nelson says:

      To put it simply , if the government doesn’t quit its B.S we candeins have a tendancy create , and that includes countries/provinces . West Canada anyone ? Maybe say heck and call it rupert’s land again and separate from the east. They can keep their corruption and dirty politics. We the true nord strong and free will create and make ,for we are crafty.

  2. ragepuff draws says:

    Oh my god! you shouted out doctor mike! I have a weird fascination with medical stuff and watch his videos sometimes!

  3. idansim says:

    Great job with the hiv diagrams! As someone in a bio field it’s important to include figures like this.

  4. Lycaon 1765p says:

    Haha, that guy’s name is “butt”.

  5. R Vanzo says:

    I will laugh hard if Trudeau goes to jail while trump gets re-elected.

    • Ruffneck101 says:

      Trump has a higher approval rating than Trudeau right now, and that was before this whole scandal. We have opposite problems, you have a non-politician running your country and we have a full on unfit and corrupt leader of our country.

    • Ryan barth says:

      J Taylor your a moral person. Okay? Would you like a gold sticker?

    • Ryan barth says:

      Zoe Solomon although they never came to an agreement it’s still a step in the right direction. Obama was brought up because of your previous comment “trump is destroying diplomatic relations”, because I disagree they were already destroyed trump has to work with what happened before him.

    • 15cnelson42082 says:

      I was just watching a rerun of John Oliver talking about the similarities of Trudeau & Trumps family backgrounds from like 3 seasons ago.

    • Trop says:

      +Ryan barth What examples of Trump ” doing what I believe to be best for his country” do you have? Cause the new figures for USA’s trade deficit would say otherwise…

  6. Chelsey Neumann says:

    Was just thinking how I wish there was a PDS for Canada. Canada needs you Philly D!!

  7. Vee Bordeleau says:

    Thanks for covering the Canadian story.

  8. _Jamison_ says:

    I honestly dont want another Stephen Harper in govt, but I dont believe Trudeau is doing a good enough job right now. I’m pushing for NDP but I’m so worried of a conservative swing….we need environmental protection right now and the right-wing seems to not care about our world crumbling around us so this will be a tough election

    • Orangutan says:

      _Jamison_ don’t worry, we’ll be using our influence to get the conservatives re-elected

    • Lord Denithal says:

      +Rachel Rae yep.. I live in Alberta. The province that used to have a lot of money and now has some of the highest unemployment rates. The polices of the NDP sound nice but the increase in taxes and lack of employment isn’t worth it.

    • Ruffneck101 says:

      I agree that Conservatives (as a Conservative) need to put much better environmental structures in place if they’re re-elected. But I don’t agree that Trudeau has done any good the last 4 years. He really pushed a socialist agenda and crippled our economy worse in the last 4 years, than our governments have in the last 12. He was unfit from the start and is very clearly the puppet to possible overseas puppet masters. I had high hopes for him, as he seemed charming and we finally had a majority government to do some good, but they threw it away and simply padded their bank accounts on the way out. I’d be happy to see maybe People’s Alliance have some better representation, but would also be glad if Conservatives were elected as well. We need responsible candidates to clean up Liberal’s mess. Why is it, that the Liberal party always has to cater to the extreme? They either do quite well (like Cretien) or they do a miserable job (like Trudeau). Hopefully one day a party will step up and be a good balance of what everyone has to offer.

    • _Jamison_ says:

      +Rachel Rae bc is doing quite well actually under NDP

    • Rachel Rae says:

      +_Jamison_ cost of living in BC is out of control, including housing, fuel, food prices, etc….taxes are higher than other provinces, funding for infrastructure does not go as far as it used to because of the out of control inflation. I dont see that as thriving.

      BC is beautiful, weather is great, people are fantastic, but it is not known for a thriving economy.

      You can look at Alberta as a juxtaposition. 40 years under a conservative government, led to a debt free province running a surplus annual budget.
      4 years under NDP leadership and the province is in dept again, the economy had crashed, and the only reason the premier is starting to address this is because it is an election year.

      I will take a healthy economy under a government that wants businesses to thrive any day of the week.

  9. Spartan0941 says:

    Thank you for covering Canada

  10. Tr H says:

    why did Phil turn into a talking forehead when he said his intro

  11. LiterateKat says:

    The most straightforward rundown of the SNC Lavalin controversy I’ve seen so far. Canadian news sources have been decidely convoluted and unhelpful.

    • CTomalty says:

      Global news has been a joke

    • LiterateKat says:

      My main issue with the coverage is that while there has been an ongoing heavy stream of news surrounding the issue, most articles I’ve read only focus on a small part of the controversy and fail to provide proper context.

    • LiterateKat says:

      That being said, ipolitics has been doing a pretty good job of providing ongoing updates from their journalists tracking the case.

    • LiterateKat says:

      Go figure, a private news source.

    • Kash says:

      Right? I’ve been trying to understand this situation for so long but can’t find a single source that went into such unbiased and straightforward details as Phil.

  12. Strawbérry Milk says:

    Philip, why doesn’t your channel have CC? I need that because sometimes sounds fade in and out for me. I have always turned on CC on vids. it sucks that the NEWS channel does NOT have it

    • MrEdd215 says:


    • Ara R says:

      I think some of the old episodes used to. I miss them. I watched a lot of these videos while my son naps so I have to lower my volume.

    • Alexandra Rose says:

      Yeah, I’m hard of hearing as well & with the lack of CC even I have difficulty while wearing my hearing aids 🙁 It’d be nice to have more CC in his videos.

    • PsychoElou666 says:

      Very good point. It would also make the videos universally accessible because it would let people with audition deficiencies get their news for the pds as well

    • christina flowers says:

      I don’t think he has the people to do that ?

  13. Emiheart says:

    Canadian here, thanks for the coverage phil!! been a long time fan!
    it’s horrible the scandal that is going on but what makes me sick is the fact that Trudeau is fighting for 9,000 jobs in quebec, yet allows for the west to cut more than 100,000 jobs. it’s unfortunate when people lose jobs but it’s sick that he’s fighting so hard to keep SNC especially since I didn’t realize the extent of fraud they have been associated with…
    no words really just makes me sick.

    • Dree McColl says:

      Exactly. He only cares about Ontario and Quebec. He’s a scabby man. Cant wait to vote in October and kick this guy to the curb.

    • IAmTheTruCanadian says:

      This has been blown out of proportion. Did you miss the fact that SNC is a Multi-National company making over 10 billion a year? That’s 9,000 jobs for SNC, and who knows how much Tax revenue that is paid to Government Service workers in Quebec. The reason the pipeline failed is because your provinces couldn’t deal with Environmental Conversation or the Indigenous groups. You step over them, these people don’t understand the reason for the pipeline and that it is a solution rather than a problem.

      Jody Wilson-Raybould is just trying to play her game, she has an agenda. Do your own independent reading before you quote one CBC article.

    • Emiheart says:

      IAmTheTruCanadian good job assuming the people that are upset about this only read CBC?
      regardless of any political standing, people can’t afford rent, food nor transit plus the unemployment rates are sky high and that’s in CANADA.
      Our prime ministers job is for CANADA and to have a healthy relationship with the global community. we are a laughing stock because of him, economically.
      I’d advise you to not just read opinion articles but actually take a look at the numbers if you do so much research?
      my comment wasn’t attacking anyone but providing a view of how sick this whole thing scandal is. so hop off your high horse and try to think about the people are actually suffering, also I never mentioned the oil sector. hospitals, schools and many more people/ local businesses are out of work.
      try to have compassion towards EVERYONE.

    • Bruce J. Wilde says:

      +IAmTheTruCanadian if a business fails, that is a problem for the business, its owners, and its employees, not the Government of Canada.
      The reason the pipelines have failed is because of Liberal governments in BC and Quebec working to block them from making it to port/the maritimes; and the federal Liberal government foolishly buying the pipeline from a private firm who had things in the works, I inherently adding 5-7 years of delays so the same environmental reports could be run under the new ownership, plus any inherent beurocratic delays from now being a federal project. Trudeau cares more about the city of Montreal getting their way (and voting for him) than allowing the prairie provinces having a self-sustaining economy. There is in fact ZERO non-political roadblock to the east or west pipelines, and without ANY government intervention they would have both been completed years ago!

    • Rick Glasser says:

      Emiheart what are you even talking about? Your government has created 290,000 jobs since last August. Trudeau seems to be doing a bang-up job to me (an American).

  14. Big Daddy Toyota Corola says:

    Justin Trudeau. The biggest scam

  15. Kyla Horsting-Minnabarriet says:

    I think Trudeau is championed by non-Canadians a lot more than most back home. He’s trash and terrible to indigenous peoples. Please cover the pipeline

    • Ryan barth says:

      Are you indigenous? If so, I’m curious on what your stance on the pipeline is, I’m not indigenous, and am also for the pipeline due the the skyrocketing prices of gas in BC, but for the most part when I see resistance for the pipeline it’s generally indigenous worried about the land.

    • SeanDaRyan says:

      Ryan barth I’m Native. My mum was born on the Rez. We’re all pro pipeline

    • Sean Wilson says:

      Ryan and Sean, my wife and all of her family are native from up in Rupert and the area. Most are pro-pipeline for jobs and economic improvements. The people I see against the pipeline tend to be white folk in the cities (spoken as a white guy in the city who would support the pipelines at this time with a bit of environmental control and a plan to put money in escrow to cover spills and damage).

    • SeanDaRyan says:

      Sean Wilson I agree it’s all people in their mid twenties trying to get laid at the protests

    • Orangutan says:

      Kyla Horsting-Minnabarriet nope we know Trudeau is awful just like every other liberal leader

  16. Pee Pooh says:

    GoFundMe scammers: 10-20 years.
    Manafort: 4 years.

    • Bryan Herrera says:

      +Orangutan your profile pic and name. Ohhhh the irony lol

    • Orangutan says:

      Bryan Herrera oh look its the triggered libtard that i always destroy ? guess you’re back for more then

    • Bryan Herrera says:

      +Orangutan I’m actually a Republican who supports some of Trump’s policies. Its people like you who give us a bad name and make our countries politics look like a joke.

    • Orangutan says:

      Bryan Herrera our countries politics is a joke, shame the punchline is liberalism

    • Atoc says:

      +this guy Holy shit, could you be anymore condescending? Imagine calling people dumb and making spelling errors.

  17. geekchic367 says:

    Canada? Corruption? Is this the end of time?!?

    • Z says:

      Canada is one of the most corrupt 1st world countries in the entire world. As example, the world bank has about 600 companies blacklisted from doing business with them due to corruption, 1/6th of all those countries are Canadian based, which is more than any other country in the world.

    • Narf says:

      U must be new here

    • Davo says:

      Z bruh WHAT

  18. reed tomlinson says:

    I regrettably voted for Mr. Trudeau. Although he has not been completely incompetent in his leadership, as of now, he represents to me a cautionary example of what happens when you vote for a representative based on charisma.

    Context is everything and when I look back at where the world was back in 2015. The world was watching the beginning of the most bizarre campaign election our generation had ever seen. On the surface Mr.Trudeau seemed like the perfect counterweight to what was being offered in election down in the United States.
    At the time it seemed like it was what was best

    • ストリートホーク says:

      I disagree.
      Trudeau ran as a happy and free “I will solve all problems but not talk about how” kind of moron.
      He openly talked about billions of dollars of debt to save the country, and all he did was bury it.

      With the last election, I voted Harper.
      Not because I believed in him, honestly I was hoping he would step down and let someone better take the rains.
      But I voted Harper because he was the lesser of the evils with the election, but at the same time was a moron.
      Literally before the election he came out as quoted that “marijuana smoke was irreparably worse for you than cigarettes”.
      I was floored that he could be that stupid.
      I get that he was anti pot, but him coming out quoted as saying that buried him for any voter that may have been on the fence.
      I honestly believe there is nothing wrong with pot, glad that its been legalized, but at the same time it was astounding that he could be that idiotic before the election.

      Even now, I’m hearing pockets of people coming out against Scheer.
      May just be trying to stop him from winning this year’s election… But hopefully not.
      If Tuesday gets in again, this country will be economically dead…
      I’m praying for a miracle this year, and SNC may have been it.

      Sorry for the rant, you seem like someone who is legitimately on top of politics and not just some moron voting, so I got excited.

    • Orangutan says:

      ストリートホーク Hail Trump

    • Hartley Builds says:

      He is and has been completely and utterly incompetent. Canada is in shambles and a world wide laughing stock because of this ridiculous sock puppet

    • Ruffneck101 says:

      Yeah, I think you’re pulling too much news off the television. I’d recommend looking into unbiased news sources that tell the news as it is and doesn’t sway towards one party’s views or another. Trudeau was unfit from the start and it showed immediately. He came off as a spoiled brat and in any debate couldn’t give a straight answer. He’s crippled our economy, the worst it’s been in a long time and has ensured that it will take nearly a half-century just to repay what he’s spent. This is his 9th investigation and this scandal is by far the biggest we’ve had in a PM in a long time. Harper was due to hang up the gloves and let someone else have a go, but overall he was still much better than Trudeau. What’s worse is his happy-go-lucky campaigning actually fooled me a bit too (though I voted for Harper in the end, as there policies and financial plans were much more sound than the Liberal Government) and I thought maybe he’ll not only do some good, but especially with a majority government. I couldn’t have been more wrong, there isn’t a significant thing our PM or government has done in the last 4 years that will truly benefit Canada at all. It’s a shame.

  19. TheShaleco says:

    The SNC Lavelin case is so frustrating. I liked Trudeau initially and have supported his stance on social policies. But when you look at Jody Wilson-Raybould’s testimony compared to Trudeau’s and other government leaders it really doesn’t even look like an argument. She has exact quotes with timestamps and text conversations and emails to back up her claims. Putting that against Trudeau’s blanket statement doesn’t look very convincing. Also it’s so hypocritical for Trudeau to be so hung up on the 50, 000 jobs that would be lost in Montreal when compared to the over 100,000 jobs that have been lost in Alberta in recent years .

    • Ruffneck101 says:

      +Orangutan Like a group of parents coming in to clean the toddler’s mess. His father crippled our economy in the 80’s and Justin just followed in his footsteps, ensuring mommy could have her pot guilt free and convincing the younger generation to vote based on that premise. He’s been so focused on both filling his pockets and his associates around him, that he forgot he had a country to fend for as well. This is his biggest of his 9 investigations since taking power and has absolutely been a puppet to some higher powers for sure. He’s protecting a small amount of workers, while crippling the only money-making province in the country – Alberta. This is coming from a Maritimer too. People’s Alliance or Conservatives need a majority government, because they’re the only 2 parties that will make the changes needed, without worrying about who’s toes get stepped on. I don’t know how I feel about Andrew Scheer, but I suppose as the running begins here soon, we’ll see where everyone stands on everything. I recommend websites like – stay away from the TV, most news stations are either bought out or owned by a political party to push their agenda. Go with unbiased websites and educate yourself. A lot of decisions are based on the financial balances available and also allocating the budget to certain issues. Everything can sound great on paper, but always ask where the money will come from. If a party is promising too many good things that the country can’t afford, then they aren’t the party to vote for.

    • Orangutan says:

      Ruffneck101 I agree with you but i’m not Canadian, I just want what’s best for our Northern neighbours.

    • Maldoré says:

      +Orangutan then you shouldn’t talk about shit you don’t understand. The conservative party of Canada has a history of corruption and scandals far worse than the liberals. The last conservative leader literally silenced any scientist that tried to speak up about climate change. The liberals aren’t great but they’re the lesser of the evils.

    • Narf says:

      When it takes something this nasty and covered to get red pilled…

    • C Louis says:

      ​+Maldoré not valid until you provide a source

  20. anthill350 says:

    That HIV article you linked helped me finish a paper for class, holy shit thanks Papa DeFranco!!

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