Guitar Hero – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Danny Sexbang

Guitar Hero – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Danny Sexbang

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We take a look at some facts and secrets from the Guitar Hero series, a series of music rhythm games first published in 2005 by RedOctane and Harmonix.

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Calderon says:

    Guitar hero + Danny = happiness 

  2. Tony OFTO says:


  3. aghostshell says:

    I want Legos to win, but I know Minecraft is gonna win in the end…

  4. Lakshman H. says:

    I came for Danny. Then I came for Danny.

  5. GenXtasy says:

    5:42 Amiibos?

  6. VeganZombie117 says:

    I swear to christ, I will conquer poland if the next video is about
    goddammned minecraft. So goddman sick and tired of that pile of shit.

  7. nuk3townusa says:

    Guitar Hero was shit they all look carttoony and the crowd never mosh they
    all just jump around like some pop music is playing

  8. princephillay says:

    Lego games

  9. awesomegamer jake says:

    Lego games

  10. somerandomguy365 says:

    Now we just need Dan to do a Hot Pepper Gaming


    Lego. There isn’t much left in Minecraft “little known”.

  12. Ryan Ginther says:


  13. bleepbeepbop says:

    Guitar Hero was the only game I would play on Xbox when I was younger
    because I really enjoyed playing on the drums. I stopped playing when I was
    about 13 and I never bothered with Rhythm games until recently when I
    started playing Bemani games as I really love the songs and characters of
    the different games.
    Took years for me to get serious about rhythm games but now all I play is
    DDR and Pop’n music. I wish I could play Guitar Hero again but my brother
    sold our Xbox 360 a while ago..

  14. Jonás Ghoshdashtihsdar says:

    i just watched this because Danny

  15. Sir. Elias says:

    Minecraft is trash 

  16. Jahred Lee says:

    +DidYouKnowGaming? sierra games please

  17. StorminOkie says:

    Lego Games

  18. Daniel Palumbo says:

    Minecraft pls!

  19. fatkiller1000 says:


  20. Andrew Ptak says:

    Omg defenitly Lego of course but I still want minecraft