Gunna & Future – pushin P (feat. Young Thug) [Official Audio]

Gunna & Future – pushin P (feat. Young Thug) [Official Audio]

The official audio for Gunna & Future’s “pushin P” featuring Young Thug from his album ‘DS4EVER’ – Out Now!
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49 Responses

  1. Jamal Smith says:

    Stayed up just for this 🔥

  2. Ja'Corian (Jay) Pruitt says:

    Thank you gunna I’ve been a fan since DS2 and the first DOD and these are the vibes I miss.. just thank you my dude! 🙏🏾

  3. Young Pluto says:


  4. Mornee says:

    Gunna never disappoints let’s pray nothing happens to him🙏🏿

  5. chxppa says:

    Whoever made this beat deserves a star🦇🔥

  6. MafiaTheViper Ent says:

    Dynamic trio 🔥🔥 Wunna X Thugger X Pluto 🐐

  7. Tommy Emeka says:

    Future has always been on the sickest beats lately 🔥🔥🔥

    • Redd Smoke says:

      Lately? Thats a big part of his career lol

    • Tommy Emeka says:

      @Cammac97 thanks for explaining, but I intended to use it like this :
      Like out of all the beats that we heard lately (recently) he was always featured on the sick ones ( not every beat because some were not that good ) if that makes sense ?
      I used the word lately to enclose the time period and used always to enclose the types of beats he was featured on…

    • Sausboi says:

      @Trxvis Montana No, don’t drop. Focus on getting an education, please, while also not losing focus of your passion

    • Atheism Is Over says:

      @Tommy Emeka ^^

  8. Wi11 Power says:

    [Intro]: Gunna & Future]
    (Wheezy outta here)
    Pushin’ P
    Yeah, pushin’ P, turn me up
    Turn me up, P, ah

    [Verse 1: Gunna & Future]
    Pointers in the Patek and my piece, I’m pushin’ P
    Copped new hammers for my P, we don’t want no peace
    Got a spot across the spot, just for Ps
    Dropped the dot and then we plot, exotic Ps
    She not a lesbian, for P, she turn Pesbian (Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P)
    Off capital P, I rock these Presidents, count presidents (Pushin’ P)
    Portuguese on her knees, my banana P
    She let me squeeze and she leave ‘causе she keep the P
    Private suitе, private seat, bitch, I’m pushin’ P
    Purple pint, pussy pink, bitch a pusha P

    [Chorus: Gunna & Future]
    Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah (Yeah)
    Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah
    Pop a P, I’m paranoid, I can’t just sleep
    My pockets deep, got racks on me
    Why they watchin’ me?
    I’m pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, yeah

    [Verse 2]: Young Thug, Gunna, & Future]
    Look, I just, uh, uh, bought the ‘Ghini
    The opps outside, uh, ah, uh
    Okay, bought her a P, not a pillow Porsche (I’m pushin’ P)
    Three Ps, pop pourin’ Porsche (Skrrt, pushin’ P)
    I just fucked a cup of water (I did)
    Pusha P, red bandana cars (Ayy, pushin’ P)
    I’ma peel out yo’ whole endorsement (Ayy, pushin’ P)
    She ain’t veneer for me, she simply porcelains (I never)
    I never saw opps, now we finally tusslin’ (I never)
    She ready to get in the streets for me, no question (Of course, skrrt)
    Too rich to text, I let my shawty forward it (Yeah)
    Take the P out the alphabet, nigga, try to sort it (Ayy)

    [Outro: Gunna & Future]
    I’m pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P
    Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, P, ah
    Pushin’ P, I’m pushin’ P, pushin’ P
    I’m pushin’ P, yeah, ah

  9. Ospanno says:

    this song gives me goosebumps 🐍

  10. Jackson Júnior says:

    Gunna sempre trazendo vocais únicos e instrumentais lendários, brasileiros ouvem suas músicas🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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