Gunna – i was just thinking [Official Video]

Gunna – i was just thinking [Official Video]

The official video for Gunna’s “i was just thinking” – OUT NOW

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I was just thinking bout all the times I was hard headed
Thought I was right all along I was misleaded
All this weight on my back feeling so heavy
These boys claim they want war well I’m war ready
I had a bake a cake for the boy cause he playing petty
I was so focus at the top and I’m still at it
They tried to provoke me to stop No I won’t dammit
They want me go back to the block no no no
I done gained a whole lot more opps Now that I’m home
Niggas nose all in mine don’t know how to ming they own
Twenty three in one how you feel when you alone
That’s four four walls talking to you telling you gone
Only I done cried cause its feelings for my bro
And you know my mind you done watched a nigga growth
Know you hearing the lies that your lil brudda might fold
Yeah I had copped out but don’t let them say I told
No I ain’t you lil boys ima show you that I’m grown
Bulletproof the big toys let me show you how we roll
All these niggas in my business had to tell them tuck they nose
You wack niggas couldn’t get with this I’m one hunnid for sure

I was just thinking about this shit I couldn’t avoid
Can’t afford shit tell I make it on the Forbes
A lot of shit I did a niggas wasn’t there to say I saw it
I Never crossed lines all I did was play my part
I ain’t sign for a dime to my name I had a quarter
Just light twenty five and didn’t have it all in order
Niggas think Imma die they don’t know I’m immortal
No I aint Nino brown but I’m back like at the Carter
I just been getting high I don’t never wanna be sober
She said going ride so I got her the big Rover
Young Gunna getting wiser
do ever think it’s over
We done cut off ties and i gave them the cold shoulder
I swear this life a mold you

Right the fuck back on and I know it’s been a minute
Bought a new wardrobe bitches saying a nigga skinny
pockets still a lil chubby lord knows I gotta get it
Tell you this time around they going hate they went against it

Uhhhh uhhhh uhhh

They going hate they went against it

Uhhh uhhh uhhhh

Yeah a

Uhh uhhh uhhh uhhh

Yeah a

Uhhh uhhh uhh

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38 Responses

  1. Bigtymer33721 says:

    Talent overshadows hate regardless of the situation. This dude can’t be denied

    • William Smith says:

      And hates drives 99% of the world .. hence why Kendrick said the “collective conscious”💭 imagine the world without , gossip , belittling and everything negative .. just the amount of things the world would actually get done.. truth be told we all under one tree(gods tree) and it’s up to you to “bite the apple” cause we already in hell but we can change it if we ALL actually practice what we preach 💭but we can’t cause everyone wants to be the one that “told everyone else” when we should just all be glad we made it on earth to try and change it for the better 💭💭💭💭

    • EeshanK says:

      @William Smith what is my blud waffling about

    • Wilkyn Colastin says:

      good job bro

    • Cool Chameleon24 says:

      Rats a rat 🐀

  2. Nicole Jones says:

    I hope Gunna continues to elevate and prosper. I pray that God keeps him covered! This album is fire I’ve been listening everyday since it came out. You can’t deny his talent. Wunna back!!!! 👏🏼🔥

  3. Emmanuel says:

    say what you want but this man made a whole album with no features and its better than 95% of the rap shit out right now, this man is pure talent!

  4. Rk Orlando Oficial 🎵 says:

    Los que apoyan a GUNNA desde su inicio reportense aquí 😢😢❤️❤

  5. Alex The Rican says:

    This man regardless of what happen with that situation you can’t take the fact that’s his talented, bro gifted as an artist he can make great music wish you the best 💯

  6. The OmensDen says:

    Favorite song off the album. MORE INTROSPECTIVE STUFF LIKE THIS IN THE CATALOGUE WUNNA. Songs like this always Stand the test of time.

  7. Joshua Henry says:

    This album is really giving him a chance to showcase his creativity from his lyrics to the visuals . He aint letting up at all! 🔥🔥🔥🐍

  8. Meme says:

    Thank you Wunna for this perfect album, stay strong 💪🏽 Jeff is proud of you

  9. Анастасия Алексеева says:

    On repeat ❤. Hope everything will be alright 🙏 thanks for such a great music. It’s good to see certain changes in him as an artist.

  10. CCLA says:

    This Is The Energy! So Much Going On Right Now That We Need A Positive Message Just To Not Fall Off! Gunna Speaking That Real Shxt Cause Nobody Knows How Anybody Feels When They Back Is Against The Wall! 💪🏾💯🔥🙏🏾 Gunna Wunna Keep Bringing These Vibes & Messages To Your Craft Bro 💯💯💯 F That Other Fake Noise 😎

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