Gunna Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

Gunna Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

Atlanta rapper Gunna takes on a tour of his impressive jewelry collection, from his $125K Richard Mille watch to his three ‘drip or drown’ bracelets ($15K each).

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Gunna Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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79 Responses

  1. Marco DaVincí says:

    Whoever reading this is Gunna be rich this year

  2. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    My jewelry collection is a diamond rock candy and some skittles made into a necklace

  3. Craig's Son says:

    My jewelry collection is the rings you find on cupcakes

  4. Ishan Ali says:

    this whole video just called me poor

  5. Xander says:

    Gunna flexing on us for 5 minutes straight

  6. JurgenGaming says:

    If you reading this I hope you get rich!?

  7. hey canada says:

    Diamonds are never investment because they charge you crazy for labours. I bet Elliott won’t even buy that 250k piece for 20k. Richard Millie is a good investment though

  8. 7digreese says:

    Gunna explaining slime is equivalent to mofos explaining the flat earth theory

  9. King KY says:

    When i go up I’ll show my ring pop collection

  10. Will Yexley says:

    Would have preferred to see his size 28 Balmain jeans collection tbh

  11. Sean says:

    He stupid if he thinks that those diamond chains and stuff dont lose value

    • Leonard Buddington III '22 says:

      Depends on the type of diamond piece

    • John Hawthorne says:

      Nathan Montes highly unlikely buddy. That’s why Cam’ron’s chain didn’t get bought until 2018 when Yachty saw it. Them shits will sit on the shelf for years lol.

    • King KY says:

      Truncate Production Gold always goes up

    • TanakinSkywalker says:

      TrapKing Productions no it’s an investment in buffoonery. People who spend money on these things won’t have it for long. Spending money like jayz doesn’t make you jayz. No that’s real money, this dude doesn’t even have a color he owns that’s long money

  12. W S says:

    He thinks elliot gonna let him return the jewelry if he goes broke ?????nahhhhh b

  13. Weeknd's Dad says:

    “Gunna’s Rollie face is blue” – Lil Uzi Vert

  14. Swish856 says:

    GQ describes everyones jewelry collection being “insane” ?

  15. DannyCarlos says:

    Gunna out here paying $250k for $180k in diamonds.

  16. ZB says:

    Gunna be looking either skinny, fat, or average every time i see him

  17. Elizabeth Asikpo says:

    I’ve worked in Fine Jewelry for 15yrs, & trust me when I say Jewelry depreciates worst than a car if it’s not a single solid stone. There’s no way he will get back what he paid for the watches & costum Jewelry.

    • x83 t76Y says:

      It’s all basically chips.

    • MillySLIME says:

      +fLightTakesFlight The PLAIN…. The richard mill plain is a plain watch. Give it some years it’ll be a OG watch. The plain has nothing to do with gunna.

    • Xotic Enigma says:

      Elizabeth Asikpo, I own a Rolex and a Rolex is like wearing a savings bond on your wrist because they only go up in value. Also, learn how to write and spell and perhaps one day you will be able to afford a Rolex.

    • Exec. Producer says:

      MillySLIME Richard Milles are in a bubble right now because of the attention they are getting. The price on them will correct itself soon and that will result in them being a fraction of what they currently are. Please do not act like a watch aficionado if you are not one. Richard Mille’s are terrible investments because the complexity, quality, and materials do not align with the price. As for the guy that said he owns a Rolex, yes that will go up in value and a couple of mine have. However, the inflation rate usually offsets the increase in value and you still end up losing spending power.

    • Exec. Producer says:

      The only watches that will see a noticeable increase in value are extremely limited pieces like Philippe Dufours or something like the Grandmaster Patek Philippe. However, to get your hands on something like that would require you to be much more than a Soundcloud Rapper (think of someone on the level of Jay-Z or a president of a country).

  18. Jack Barbera says:

    Elliante gonna have to make a disclaimer after this one ?

  19. Mitchell Pilgrim says:

    Gunna is truly the pinnacle of human intelligence

  20. Big Homie says:

    At this point, GQ must be avoiding Sosa ??‍♂️?

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