Gunna – WUNNA [Official Video]

Gunna – WUNNA [Official Video]

The official video for Gunna’s “WUNNA” – Out Now!
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℗ 2020 Young Stoner Life Records / 300 Entertainment

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59 Responses

  1. Bille says:

    “Run that back turbo” my 100th time playing this song

  2. Shakir M. says:

    Man I *WUNNA* hear the album already dawg 🤦🏾‍♂️ ik for a fact it’s *GUNNA* be hard 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Qaab says:

    Turbo killed this beat
    Put some respect on his name

  4. Exegete says:

    Just imagine remix with Takeoff, Future while smoking about 3g blunt in wrap.

  5. kay says:

    Gunna’s medlody making me feel like im in space inside a pool

  6. Prod. shx says:

    “When youtube don’t wanna put Gunna on trending”

  7. _v.Rx1738 says:

    “I’m not a regular pedestrian” YESSSSIIRRRR🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Kevin Atkinson says:

    This song was written in bullet points 😭

  9. Zioco says:

    This flow is so relaxing, it’s like a cure

  10. o3niko says:

    this is how many times you’ve seen a “don’t lie” “who here before”

  11. Kamukwamba kalongelwa says:

    “AP blacker than Akón” He didn’t have to do my boy like that

  12. Jeffthe bawzz says:

    i feel like this type of beat is the future of this music industry

    • Sharper Marlin says:

      808s type trap beat u can thank Gucci mane and kanye

    • TheTruth34 says:

      Sharper Marlin what? 😂 he’s not talking about the 808s lmao

    • Jeffthe bawzz says:

      @Sharper Marlin I feel u broski but for producers who make gunnas type beat I want them to get on turbos vision. like producers are still making those wack ass guitars type beat like this shit 2016 my nigga like step the fuck up so that’s why I’m mad

    • Kobe Bryant says:

      I hope not shit is boring and repetitive

    • prod. LNDR says:

      @Sharper Marlin tf bro there is no 808’s type beat. Every track has 808s nowadays

  13. orion says:


  14. Ciro Vargas says:

    The video looks like an advertising like ”visit Jamaica” XD

  15. Rohan Kanhai says:

    Gunna: wrist
    5 seconds later: water
    10 years later: *heyy*

  16. Babby BooKardashian says:

    Bumbo claat !!
    If u a Jamaican give this some like 🙌

  17. Daria Rosa says:

    I can see wunna really into them white girls😂😂😅

  18. Hersh Patel says:

    It’s funny how different people sleep. I sleep on my side. My girl sleeps on her stomach. And the rest of the world sleeps on young gunna wunna

  19. trevor ingari says:

    Gunna my favourite if your in the team too👍👍💝

  20. Luisthelacra says:

    Comment: 6IX9INE
    Like: WUNNA

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