Guns N’ Roses with Angus Young at Coachella (2) 2016.4.16

Guns N’ Roses with Angus Young at Coachella (2) 2016.4.16

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20 Responses

  1. retro racing says:


  2. rita Cassia says:

    slash ficou meio perdido kkkk

  3. Natã Pereira says:

    Enfim Axl levantou da tumba.

  4. Joao junior1979 says:


  5. Ahmed Taha says:


  6. Fahmid Ahsan says:

    can someone please name me the song?

  7. Gabriel F says:

    Historic moment!!!!

  8. krazimuffin says:

    Angus still rocks at 61 years old. They all do but it’s weird every time I
    see Axl Rose… I still think he looks like he did when I was a kid, but
    then… damn. Dude got big.

  9. juvestruga2 says:


  10. James Fonseca says:

    OMG. I guess this proves it. ACDC is dead and over. what a sad day it is.
    I’ve followed them for 30 plus years. all good things must come to an end.
    well I still have all my CDs I won’t be buying anything that has this hand
    job as their singer.

  11. Tim Roome says:

    GNR Could use Phil Rudd

  12. k3vinrock says:

    anyone have the full show in awesome quality like this? if so UPLOAD IT

  13. Kennett KALL says:

    Axl en ACDC?? DIABLOS!!

  14. Alvin Cornelius says:

    Those millennials must be thinking who’s that guy with silly hair & hat.
    Little did they know…

  15. Darkpassenger 1 says:

    Man I must be getting old this just gave me a headache

  16. bluebandit834 says:

    Duckwalkin Slash… I love it!

  17. LA TEE DAH says:

    If the world ever comes to an end in my lifetime. I’d want to leave this
    world just watching and listening to these guys in concert. With a bottle
    of Jim in one hand and a big fatty in the other.

  18. Teresa D says:


  19. Gary Woz says:

    that rocked

  20. ya6655 says:

    They should fire axel from both GNR and ACDC .. he sucks badly, completely
    lost it .