Guns – SNL

Guns – SNL

From first loves to new beginnings – and wherever life takes you – guns are there.

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Ang says:

    Criminals don’t care about gun laws,

    good people do get affected by gun restrictions to protect themselves.

  2. Stinky Lebinowitz says:

    I saw this where the Liberals are out to skewer gun owners again. So to
    show my support for the Liberal cause I just went out and ordered more ammo
    online that is going to be delivered right to my door.

    I’m happy to help supporting your cause guys !!!!

  3. Kidz24 says:

    LMAO, I like how Amy uses her actual boyfriend in the skit…

  4. Teammm says:

    Gun fanatics watching this are hyperventilating.

  5. PeaceProfit says:

    A culture steeped in fear, conflict and violence. Will succumb to that
    reality. One built on trust, cooperation and respect will thrive…


  6. Samuel L. Meyer says:

    Well I guess it’s a good thing that responsible gun owners don’t parade
    their guns in public. It’s also good open carry is illegal in most places
    and concealed carry requires a class, and a permit.

  7. AnDrawD says:

    Its kinda fucked up, guns have been a plague to inner cities for decades
    and just now people are getting hip to banning guns because of a few mass
    shootings of which are about less than 2% of the gun deaths here in the
    states. Some people really do have their head in the clouds.

  8. Edward M says:

    Would you expect any less from a anti-gun asshole related to ucChuck
    Schumer? Don’t think if she were in Central Park alone jogging and had a
    gun that if some guy or guys tried to rape her she wouldn’t shoot.

  9. TiredOfApathy says:

    HAHAHA Liberals are ridiculous. The same people who are the champions of
    “No means No” took it to a higher level with “Actually you must hear a
    “YES” or it’s rape. With this they seem to understand that NO is NO and
    what informed consent means yet they never stop with the pursuit to
    eliminate firearms despite being told to go away. They’ve been told OVER
    plugging along fighting us and fighting us until we are defeated and they
    can shove their agenda in our ass without any Vaseline! Everyone
    understands that there are 300 MILLION guns in America, almost enough for
    one gun per person. As of today 8925 people have died this year by a gun in
    this country. That’s 0.00002975% of the population dead. It doesn’t seem
    huge yet it is a problem. What else is a bigger problem, let’s look:
    From January 1 to now here are the numbers:
    Abortion: 847964
    Heart Disease: 463253
    Cancer: 447811
    Tobacco: 271781
    Obesity: 238391
    Medical Errors: 163069
    Stroke: 100118
    Lower Respiratory Disease: 110998
    Accident (unintentional): 98181
    Hospital Associated Infection: 76875
    Alcohol: 77652
    Diabetes: 57331
    Alzheimer’s Disease: 65984
    Influenza/Pneumonia: 41797
    Kidney Failure: 33205
    Blood Infection: 25985
    Suicide: 30686
    Drunk Driving: 26253
    Unintentional Poisoning: 24661
    All Drug Abuse: 19417
    Homicide: 13045
    Prescription Drug Overdose: 11648
    Murder by gun: 8925
    Texting while Driving: 4651
    Pedestrian: 3883
    Drowning: 3040
    Fire Related: 2718
    Malnutrition: 2153
    Domestic Violence: 1134
    Shot by Police: 857
    Smoking in Bed: 606
    Falling out of Bed: 465
    Killed by Falling Tree: 116
    Struck by Lightning: 64
    Mass Shooting: 43
    Spontaneous Combustion: 0

    Aren’t liberals for abortion? Over 800,00 babies dead compared to 8925
    people from guns. WHERE ARE THEIR PRIORITIES? I know I know out of site out
    of mind, the baby wasn’t developed and vacuumed so its like a mulligan, a
    free do over!

    Alcohol deaths are over 77000, yet it’s completely legal and I have yet to
    see a Liberal Dislike their wine. One thing my statistics didn’t mention
    was AIDS. About 17,600 people die from AIDS-Related issues a year and 60%
    of AIDS cases were caused by living a Homosexual Lifestyle so about 11,000
    people this year will die from something the Liberals have been pushing in
    everyone’s face OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! In every sitcom, in all the
    polls, in the courts, in the churches, in the freaking bake shops! LOL No
    means NO LIBERALS!!! Here’s the things: we got 2 Rights that kill about the
    same amount of people: The Right to Defend yourself and the Right to Love
    who you want. Both are Rights and both have consequences is all I am
    saying. But you liberals can’t tell me you are looking out for my safety if
    you promote gays and its kills just as many people as guns do. You can’t
    promote one thing that kills and ban another that kills the same amount of
    people then tell me you are doing it all for my safety. So if it isn’t for
    my safety, why would you take them? Oh I know so I can be your subject and
    no longer a citizen! NO THANKS!

  10. Joshua Blankenship says:

    I’m just here to laugh at gun grabbers who think making something illegal
    will make it stop.

  11. Josey Wales says:

    I love gun commercials !!! They make happy times , happier!!!

  12. turntechgodhead100 says:

    I thought they were making fun the paranoid anti gun because in video they
    made mistakes that only anti gun people who think that’s normal. Like
    shooting gun in public, pointing their guns at people, and putting their
    finger in trigger.

  13. more of a glock guy says:

    just goes to how how uneducated people are about gun owners.

  14. duncan7599 says:

    This SNL vid exposes a truth in American society today, a sickness in a
    culture of war, worship of guns and death. To many of my fellow Americans
    worship guns, they feel empowered by it and get exited just by holding one.
    It’s going to take many more generations in America to evolve past this
    sickness and wake up to the horror it is causing.

  15. Charlie Nemes says:

    Gun control DOES NOT WORK. This is a simple fact. What exactly is gun
    control gonna do except insure that only criminals have guns? Do you wanna
    be defenseless in your own home? The right to a gun is about the right to
    life. Its about freedom to defend yourself and your family, not just from
    govt tyranny, but also against criminals.

  16. mrbrody6 says:

    Isn’t it AMAZING that Obama DID NOT call for gun control after Kate
    Steinle’s MURDER??

  17. apps smart says:

    If you don’t like the Second Amendment in the Constitution of USA, you can
    go north or south where it’s illegal to own guns except if you’re with the

  18. more of a glock guy says:

    funny how these celebrities know nothing about guns and yet they insist on
    taking stances on them.

  19. Tommy Due says:

    Choo choo! Here comes the butthurt train!

  20. John D'Aversa says:

    Reading these comments, I realized something important … we are so