Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

We moved in together recently so had to make the unavoidable trip to IKEA; I figured out how to get through there as quickly as possible.

Yeah, yeah I know, vertical video and all that. I filmed it in Snapchat, you’ll survive.

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20 Responses

  1. Tomas Augustinovic says:

    This is what happens when women take guys shopping.

  2. Chris Wang says:


  3. zippyzee says:

    turn your camera sideways

  4. Scuba StevoB says:

    OMG I can’t believe she didn’t kill him. lol. pretty clever though. I’ve
    actually never been to IKEA, and never really knew why. Now I do, as this
    video has opened my eyes to the stupid f’ing sh’t they apparently sell
    there, which the universe wanted to protect me from… Thanks universe.

  5. The Power House says:

    funny how shit unfunny videos get all the views joke of a world

  6. Viva Frei says:

    at 1:27 she was happy… You can tell.

  7. Lextube says:

    Ikean’t take it anymore this is too funny.

  8. Cookies4Wookiees says:

    Food is good there.

  9. RobotsPiratesNinjas says:

    its fun watching a relationship fall apart

  10. videodesignerz says:

    gf seems like a bitch

  11. Kobe Wild says:

    she’s going to murder you in your sleep.

  12. Jeffrey b says:


  13. EngageTheRebels says:

    Filmed sideways like a dumb retard from the United States.

  14. TEBAOS says:

    Dana gonna kill him soon

  15. Harold Shinski says:

    you are an asshole

  16. jackmen4 says:

    He couldn’t take the kolon one!!!!

  17. Joshua Wood says:

    lol wow

  18. Bonehimer says:

    keep replaying 0:13

  19. Chad Rushing says:

    It would have been classic if she’d said “Ikea you if you say one more

  20. Words More words says:

    This guy’s my hero.