Guy Eats In-N-Out Like An Absolute Maniac

Guy Eats In-N-Out Like An Absolute Maniac

This man destroys some double-doubles like it’s nothing.

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20 Responses

  1. Avenoma says:

    I call bs. If I’m eating like that, I’m looking around and giving, “yea,
    fuck you” glances to everyone.

  2. ‫عبدالله غزواني‬‎ says:

    عيب ياشباب ترضون واحد يصوركم وانتم تاكلون

  3. Jimmy says:

    This guy is wearing business attire, which means he has to deal with desk
    work all day. Let him eat his meal like a caveman, for fuck’s sake. He
    deserves it.

  4. Lotus Blossom says:

    I’ve never eaten at that place before and seeing the kind of people it
    attracts, I’m not planning on eating there at all. (Not that I could
    because of my diet.)

  5. Zyvux says:

    I’m hungry.

  6. That kill says:

    apparently his cheek day and he wants to make the most of it

  7. basim nadeem says:

    Watching him makes me hungry.
    Nevertheless this is a stupid thing to do, making videos of how people eat.
    Whatever it is, good or bad. You can’t publicly shame him.

  8. Adam Rippy says:

    Welcome to America…

  9. Banana Melon says:


    -that guys’ heart

  10. Xx LeThaL VeNoM Xx says:

    Imagine How Long he stayed in the bathroom…

  11. T3LLxxBeefxx says:

    stupid American

  12. the dreamer says:

    he’s my spirit animal when I’m hungry

  13. thefunnyman589 says:

    Wow lol

  14. Doug DaBest says:

    This is what happens when you starve all day at work, chasing a dollar.
    Then smoke a joint because you’re stressed from not making enough to pay
    your bills. He might as well be sitting there crying.

  15. elsacapuntaz says:

    Theres nothing wrong with this. This is just a Pawnee citizen on Treat
    Yo’Self Day!

  16. Colby Powers says:

    seems fake to me

  17. Mishaal Alnafea says:

    Me in cheat day

  18. Messiah Bardock says:

    Hope you kill yourself

  19. Mindingman says:

    I love food to and I’d eat it the same way if I had that much fuck off let
    him eat

  20. Fabrizio Aldonne says:

    Please, everyone, flag this as stalking and illegal usage of private image.