Guy Fieri Becomes the Mayor of Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Guy Fieri Becomes the Mayor of Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Guy Fieri, the Mayor of Flavortown, looks to extend his jurisdiction to Hot Ones county in this out-of-bounds episode of Hot Ones. As he suffers through the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb, the “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” star weighs in on everything from his relationship with Drake, to his status as the Meme God. Winner winner hot wing dinner!

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20 Responses

  1. Healthy Recipe Channel says:

    Fieri is a cool dude. I dont care what any one says.

  2. Spencer Hutchinson says:

    they should get Bill Nye for this show

  3. Stephen Caputo says:


  4. Swagmeister Productions says:

    “BTW, no water, no milk”


  5. megabarf20 says:

    this man didn’t even drink water lol wtf

  6. LNxTCB says:

    Always thought this dude was a little douchey via his tv shows, but this changed my perspective on him. Super rad dude.

  7. x50 says:

    He eats some of the hottest sauces in the world, dries the tears and moves on with his day, meanwhile I need a gallon of milk for mild indian food

  8. I like to b8 says:

    I want Fieri to take me to Pound Town

  9. Devin Roberts says:

    if gordan ramsay is ever on here my dick will explode

  10. X The Slump God says:

    Get gordon ramsay

  11. TheVodic says:

    Strange seeing him talk without hearing Jaboody.

  12. Adam Kay says:

    Bill Burr is the next white whale guest we need!

  13. Bongkido Jones says:

    Bring on Danny DeVito!!

  14. FreewayKingz says:

    GUY is pretty fucking famous then people think he is, he is a great ass dude, I’ve met him before. funny and nice and also has a very girthy looking cock tip. they way his balls hang is beautiful! the left one hangs a little lower and has a lot of hairs

  15. Jimb O says:

    The only reason i subscribe to this channel is for hot ones. I love this show.

  16. Gary Blenkinsopp says:

    I love Smash Mouth

  17. Troy Degnan says:

    Get Alton Brown please and thank you

  18. Snarky says:

    Fieri just upped his likeability about 1000% on this video. The man, the meme, the legend. He’s not a douche, he’s just dadcool.

  19. gayyy boii says:

    Take me to flavor town daddy???

  20. Shaitan says:

    You had Guy Fieri, now you have to land Anthony Bourdain. PLEASE FWF!

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