Guy Goes Undercover To Prove Storefront Psychics Are Full Of It [LABS] l Elite Daily

Guy Goes Undercover To Prove Storefront Psychics Are Full Of It [LABS] l Elite Daily

I have never understood how so many psychic storefronts can survive in Manhattan.

Are they legitimate at all, or are people just eager to pay cash under the table to strangers in exchange for comforting lies?

Psychics are generally very vague about your past and present with statements like, “You’ve thought about moving,” and, “You know someone with the letter ‘M’ in his or her name.”

When it comes to your future, however, they become very specific with information you can’t immediately disprove, like when you will die, how many kids you will have, etc.

If psychics were truly as accurate as they are confident, wouldn’t they all have the same reading if they looked at the same palm? If not, what did I just pay $30 for?

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Starring: Tyler Fischer
Concept by Skyler Fulton

Camera Operators: Colin Hingel, Nick Massey
Editor: Colin Hingel
Sound Mixer: Skyler Fulton
Junior Producer: Rebecca Hovel
Senior Producer: David Potvin

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music:
Posh Totty by Rob Elliott
Reality Check by Jacob Shae, Russell Jason Emanuel
Plasma Colada by Jives 1, Heinz Kiessling
Main Skweeze Freeze by Philmore Oakes

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20 Responses

  1. SoulxReaper366 says:

    She could’ve A: spotted the camera, or B: spotted/suspected he was wearing
    a mic.

    Anyways, I was hoping you were more going to go after the people who are
    like “I’m sensing this and this” and when they go to you you lead them onto
    a completely false story XD

  2. LabbyShepherd Puppy says:

    So… does that mean he’s gonna live until he’s 98 and have 3 children?

  3. Shaine MacDonald says:

    Dude those short shorts gotta go!

  4. Lurch Hightower says:

    What? Is this a teaser? This didn’t prove a thing, and they pretty much
    agreed on most things. I don’t get the point of this video. It neither
    proves nor disproves the assertions of psychics. You failed.

  5. I'm a Robot Repairing Itself says:

    The only thing the last psychic “sensed” was the derisive nature of his
    questions, so she guessed that something probably was up. Besides, psychics
    in big cities must be used to getting trolls once in a while.

  6. MCButzi says:

    I like the new youtube layout

  7. waldaable says:

    It could be that she could hear the camera, cause many electronic devices
    make a small noice when they are on…

  8. lamino mino says:

    lol that last one shit got real

  9. jhubeJELLO says:

    I like that they hide all of the psychics faces, but have wide shots of
    their store fronts.

  10. justchillinxo says:

    OMG I went to a tarot card reader once cause my cousin liked her and
    basically forced me and it was sub BS! All she did was generalize and tell
    me negative things

  11. dubtat says:

    Nice short shorts, you sissy.

  12. kenjikFr says:

    Full of shit.

  13. schiedamsglorie says:

    let them play in the casino’s, they know what numbers are coming! but the
    great world disasters? they never see them come! strange!

  14. Anon Amous says:

    as someone whom has spiritual experiences with actual spirits I can say
    that psychics are real… just a lot of them are frauds to make easy money.

  15. Eduardo Diaz says:

    It’s rare but some of these people are actually legit. I don’t know about
    any of these girls here.

  16. Ike34 says:

    Well I don’t believe in that but if it is true you will live a long life :)

  17. HigherPlanes says:

    Not all who wonder are lost.

  18. HigherPlanes says:

    I’m a psychic, I predict a lot of stupid shit in the comments section XD