Guy takes thumb trick to a whole new level

Guy takes thumb trick to a whole new level
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20 Responses

  1. TopMia CareMid says:

    Haters will say it’s fake

  2. ddstar says:

    that last one got me. HANG HIM! HES A WITCH!

  3. X. Y. says:


  4. كمال‌ الدين says:

    0:15 WTF

  5. 8w9hf89hw says:

    yo stop doing that

  6. Dmytro Zuyenko says:

    From Reddit:
    Pause before and after the quick flick. During the motion, he hides his right pinky behind his ring finger and on his left hand, he jutted his middle finger from behind his pointer finger so the tip looked like his “separated” right pinky.

  7. Criterion515 says:

    Excellent! A fun thing to watch to get the day started. 🙂

  8. Yang says:

    this stunt cannot be achieved in high resolution video

  9. Ethan Bowering says:

    I was waiting for him to use the scissors to cut it off

  10. Dire Dire Chump says:

    le reddit armie has arrived

  11. aL Quarter says:

    The last one wtf is that then?

  12. NANCAY WANG says:

    I love how this is the original title of the video.

  13. Swoost says:

    Reported for witchcraft and heresy

  14. Warped says:

    Glitch in the matrix! Reboot Earth OS

  15. Elmo says:

    He actually doesn’t take any of his finger off, it’s a trick

  16. danielmcCourt1 says:

    From all those bicycle cards I can tell he’s a magician of sorts.

  17. Mohd Asif says:

    Instructions were not clear enough. Cut off all my fingers.

  18. Lorenzo Pagani says:

    It was all fun and games until 0:13

  19. Timmo Warner says:

    I was impressed up to the last bit and then I was amazed!

  20. Mike Hall says:

    Did he actually pull his finger off?

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