Guy watching 9/11 video on my flight before takeoff

Guy watching 9/11 video on my flight before takeoff

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20 Responses

  1. Samuel Smith says:

    Guy’s got style, I’ll give him that.

  2. Austin Brown says:

    Ur a real dick

  3. Kra88ypa77yJR says:


  4. nick2million says:

    The real question is did anything happen on the flight…

  5. ‫سكيتشي|sketchy‬‎ says:

    So what

  6. Shawn pls says:

    Lit af

  7. Noob Commander says:

    HEs white its ok…

  8. Ian Murray says:


  9. Ma Martin says:

    he was probably curious

  10. Deggo GG says:

    im saudi arabi muslim & i dont blame non muslim when they act like this,
    terrorism r very bad thing & after 9/11 ive become really affraid from
    flights, islam is 2 save humanity not 2 eliminate it

  11. Ari L says:

    Probly getting ready incase those terries come and he need to wax som

  12. Andrew Summersgill says:

    why is this funny??

  13. Kid Dynamite says:

    Everyone commenting about the guy watching the video, are we just going to
    ignore the triple rolls behind the camera?

  14. sir wang says:


  15. Marko Djordjevic says:

    I’m watching a vertical video of a man watching a man watching a vertical
    video. Kill me now.

  16. A Pacing Goose says:

    That video was the bomb

  17. Explicit Tech says:

    Allahu Akbaaaaarrrrr

  18. blizzaroxxx says:

    Now imagine the guy switched to some bearded man or Muslim.

  19. Morpayne RADIO says:


  20. Topkek 69 says:

    hilarious lol