Guys Transform Into Pinups

Guys Transform Into Pinups

“Men love to be someone else, just as much as women do… Don’t knock it till you try it.”

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Jiggle Stomp
Hyper Twang
The Explorer
Intermission Skiffle Main
Long Gone Daddy O
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

With special thanks to:
Sasha Dobies from Sherbet Birdie Pin-up Photography
Lucy Topp
Tony Vacher
Retrospec’d Clothing –
Route 66 Boutique–
Ben Sherman–
Lacoste –


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20 Responses

  1. Eustace Alex says:

    That guy in the dress, omg, he’s my favorite!

  2. Jeremy lee says:

    They all looked so good with new hair omg

  3. GalaktycznyPies says:

    Andrew looks better in dress than me.

  4. Alexia 483 says:

    BuzzFeed makes me wonder if I am lesbian ‘-‘

  5. ryan smith says:

    Andrew made me lol

  6. Charles Elliott says:

    save a horse, ride a cowboy ;)

  7. Brionna Martinez says:

    the guy with the leather jacket sounds EXACTLY like Ahren from the Amity
    Affliction!!! (an Australian band)

  8. jenah robinson says:

    Eugene should’ve been in this

  9. Jessica Lee says:


  10. 1dalida1 says:

    The photoshoots for both videos are great! The prep team and photographer
    are really talented !

  11. Nic S says:

    And Andrew was so excited about it, he’s totally gonna be a drag queen in a

  12. O'shea Smith says:

    This is why everybody hates America.

  13. Elma Thordardottir says:

    looooove it

  14. Alexia Nelson says:

    This is great

  15. Eastfist says:

    That photographer is a man.

  16. copyRtest1 says:

    more gender bending rubbish

  17. EnderGirl says:

    Damn, the guy in the dress turned out really nice. I wish it was more
    socially acceptable for guys to wear dresses, because in every picture of a
    guy wearing a dress, they look really good!

  18. Ilana Hope says:

    he is a DREAM in that dress, the smile makes it!!!!

  19. abc def says:

    my heart dropped when they shaved off that guys beard

  20. Renier says:

    the cowboy guy reminds me of Chaning Tatum and Tom Hanks