Gwen Stefani – Misery (Lyric Video)

Gwen Stefani – Misery (Lyric Video)

Gwen Stefani “Misery” from the upcoming album THIS IS WHAT THE TRUTH FEELS LIKE (out March 18)
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20 Responses

  1. filip8099 says:

    Omg perfect ? so in love with this woman ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Larissa Brandet says:

    ? Te amo

  3. Shamicsha Lamb says:

    Love this

  4. Juan Ruiz says:

    so obsessed!! can’t wait for the album!!

  5. Emmanuel Guerrero Reyes says:

    Alguien me puede decir si es sencillo oficial o es promocional?

  6. Illhexyou says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Crystal Joeckel says:


  8. Karine Hamo says:

    what a perfect song

  9. Jesus Green says:

    This reminds me of her first album, the production is crazy, i hope this
    gets a ‘Cool’ propper, really awesome video treatment and snatch ma weave
    right off

  10. Tyler Farmer says:

    Yes!! Love this!

  11. Red Hepburn says:

    She’s back

  12. briankissooncastro says:

    The song has the right title! Rating = 5/10

  13. Juan Carabajal says:

    This is so catchy! I looooove the clapping, way to go Gwen.

  14. Ernesto Ortega R says:


  15. niki plum says:

    you can’t compare drugs to real true love!!! Dumb song!!!!!

  16. Luna Waltson says:

    OMG yes Gwen ?????????

  17. Jake Kordei says:

    Gwen’s slaying rn

  18. Amanda Nichols says:

    Ipad pro…apple pencil and good notes??? I love it! I use this all the

  19. bittersweetlie says:


  20. match2candle says:

    Love it!