Gwen Stefani on Wedding Plans and Touring with Her Sons

Gwen Stefani on Wedding Plans and Touring with Her Sons

The gorgeous Gwen told Ellen about taking her sons on tour, and when there might be wedding bells with Blake Shelton!

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20 Responses

  1. Joy says:

    she reminds me of kandee Johnson

  2. Alana Miller says:

    I’m so sad irvine meadows is closing down, but it’s cool Gwen is the last
    to play it

  3. Thumbs up says:

    ???? Kate Hudson and Gwen Stefani ????

    ???? in one week … Heart Attack ????

  4. Sally Dalton says:

    Gwen just glows beauty and love. I am really happy for her. <3

  5. Daily Donuts says:


  6. balleur says:

    I don’t know why but i had some prejudices about Gwen. But she really does
    seem like a great person. Not at all what i imagined her to be.

  7. Anthony Huber says:

    I always thought she was very attractive and nothing has changed! ;)

  8. Karen M (kd23) says:

    Great interview. Gwen really is gorgerous and seems so nice. Blake and Gwen
    make a really adorable couple.

  9. Melissa Freeman says:

    Her show in North Carolina was THE best ever !!! ??

  10. you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together says:

    my lord! she’s so beautiful and talented and probably the only celebrity
    that doesn’t age, and i’m glad she invited gwen stefani to the show

  11. Chrisander1606 says:

    I love Gwen but I fucking hate Blake Shelton. I would rather shove a glass
    tube down my urethra and smash my dick with a hammer than listen to that
    country bumpkin – cousin fucker talk.

  12. The GOAT says:


  13. Judith Mitchell says:

    Both her and Blake make me sick. I’m not saying Miranda is any better, but
    Gwen makes me want to vomit. Plus, her voice is like my cat when he’s got a
    hair ball..

  14. aguyandhiscomputer says:

    Zooma? Dumb celebrities

  15. Alyssa penn says:

    saw her in kansas city this year!!

  16. Brittany Alfaro says:

    She looks gorgeous????‍♀️

  17. Safa H says:

    I stg she bathes is the fountain of youth every day❤️

  18. dak85016 says:

    She is ageless. Wish I knew her secret.

  19. Katie K. says:

    She sleeps with people’s husbands watch out

  20. Heywood Jabuzoff says:

    Weird how everyone here says the same two things… ‘can’t believe her
    age/looks’. I can’t believe you’re all that boring/shallow.