Gwen Stefani – Used To Love You

Gwen Stefani – Used To Love You

Gwen Stefani “Used To Love You” available now

Video Director: Sophie Muller
Video Producer: Grant Jue for Wondros Co.

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20 Responses

  1. Mista Waffle says:

    Gwen has heard us and has delivered. Thank you.

  2. Leo Castro Toloza says:

    This video was boring me until i remember that is she single now. stay
    strong Gwen.


    Coloca no Spotify, Gwen bixa

  4. Amethyst the poorest youtuber (of all) says:

    I wish the video was more natural

  5. Caleb Hiebert says:

    she’s such a beautiful person, this song hits close to home. me and my wife
    split a couple months ago.

  6. Lauren Claridy says:

    Gwen is so incredible, but here she looks even thinner than usual. And
    weak. Wish she would nourish herself.

  7. lesryglrhfohser says:

    wow this sucks

  8. Ali Mahdi says:


  9. xCHRISPEARSx says:

    love this song and her! can’t wait for the new album.

  10. Chloe Crain says:


  11. Mauricio Aguirre says:

    Se quedó sin presupuesto

  12. Chris Ice says:

    I got an ad that told me to watch this video…

  13. Wilber Lima says:

    Pretty music, profound video. Love you Gwen Stefani <3

  14. Elisabeth Mailloux says:

    I love her so much, she’s a babe

  15. Sicca Paez says:

    Gwen ft. P!nk please!

  16. Johnny Hernandez says:

    talk with them eyes Gwen, talk with those choco balls of eyes you got

  17. ashley rebecca says:

    what the fuck is happening?

  18. Dayna Martinez says:

    this song is sooo powerful & I absolutely lovvee her I love ❤ this song

  19. UndisclosedPP says:

    Child support put this clip’s budget back a few it seems.

  20. jenny flo says:

    Who else cried while watching this?