H.E.R. – Carried Away | A COLORS SHOW

H.E.R. – Carried Away | A COLORS SHOW

H.E.R. delivers a soul-stirring performance of “Carried Away” (prod. T-Minus) which is taken from her I Used To Know Her: Part 2 project.

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49 Responses

  1. COLORS says:

    *Lyrics below*

    [Verse 1]
    Stare at the window
    All by myself
    Jaded and waiting for some kinda miracle, yeah
    Love doesn’t live here
    And I’ve gotta love tears
    Sorry if I can’t imagine that you care, oh

    I never saw it coming
    You wanna take me away
    So please
    Don’t let it be for nothing before we get carried away, yeah

    [Verse 2]
    Ain’t my fault I’m guarded
    I’m good, I’ll be okay
    Fronting, I don’t wanna be loved anyway
    That’s why I’ll do as I say
    ‘Cause I had a bad case
    Losing the game I never wanted to play, ooh

    I never saw it coming
    You wanna take me away
    So please
    Don’t let it be for nothing before we get carried away
    Before we get carried away, yeah

    Before we cross the line, i-i-ine
    Don’t wanna take my chances if-
    This ain’t it, oh no
    If you’re not sure, then let me go, woah ooh

    I never saw it coming
    You wanna take me away
    So please
    Don’t let it be for nothing before we get carried away
    Before we get carried away, yeah

  2. yousif al-amin says:

    Couldn’t click the video faster. H.E.R. is the queen

  3. Pyro Jack says:

    i’ve been waitingggg for this thanks COLORS!

  4. The Put On says:

    l can’t deal with this talent ??

  5. Jonah Lee says:

    Not to be confused with “Her” the french group

  6. Abyy Snookey says:

    Colours… You’re going to kill me..

    Love it, love it, love it ??

  7. William Sanchez says:

    What’s that saying ? Here before it reach a million ?

  8. Melissa Van Der Westhuizen says:

    I think I’m going to cry

  9. duppy conqueror says:

    Although I don’t care for award shows, she better win those Grammys ??‍♀️

  10. Luis Moreno says:

    I LOVE how she plays the air guitar/bass every once and a while haha. H.E.R. is undefeated

    • Kila Mime says:

      Luis Moreno she’s very talented at playing the bass. I think that’s why, she might’ve been the one playing in the recorded song?

  11. someone important says:

    i lover HER soo much (pun intended)

  12. Lewis Shiva says:

    This blue is giving me life!!
    She’s a goddess!!

  13. SKILLUP MM says:

    H.E.R. voice! ???

  14. alex z says:

    i love that she feels herself when she sings ?❤️❤️


    I’m always amazed at who dislikes these videos. I bet it’s all the kids that knew the artist in school and are showing their jealousy.

  16. Asif L says:

    You can tell H.E.R is a student of music and she knows the importants of trying to keep her ego in check. I think this is one of a number of reasons why she is trying to maintain a level of annomnity. We know what she looks like a simple Google search revels her facial appearance. Humility is something she exhuberates, some parts of fame is not the game that she seems to want play with, this echos the likes of other artists such as Sia and Daft Punk. I also think it’s ironic that her aristic name means Having Everything Revelaed, yet likes to maintain some level of anonymity. One of the thing I think sets H.E.R apart from her contemporaries she is realistic about the path she has chosen, I think it was in an interview Ebro on Appel music (do not quote me on this) – that she said she understands that there will be times people will see her face like at the Grammy or on red carpets. So she know she cannot have her cake and eat it at all times. I also like the fact tries to protect her annomity/privacy by getting fans to focus on her music by only using glasses and H. E. R hair (you see what I did there, ?…. I am sure she will be getting that pun used for the rest of her life) it not corney or desperate, which something I like.
    Well done on getting 5 Grammy nods. It is no suprsie she it nominated for her EP’s. I cannot wait to see H.E.R live again and to continue to watch her evelution. I hope she stays authentic to herself, whether that means revealing her face or not that’s up to her… but I am sure the evelution of her music and time will reveal this answer. Stay smart gurlllll…. your one those once in a generation artists. ??????❤️❤️❤️ – p. s. I had written this comment on other her videos. I promise this last time I will post it.

  17. 양념닭후라이드 says:

    Use me as a “I am a simple person, I see H.E.R. and i click” button.

  18. Righteous Ree says:

    Tiny desk….then colors…..get it girl! ??

  19. Goddess Counselor says:

    She’s got soul, love, pain, disappointment, bliss and honesty in her voice. She may not be “Having Everything Revealed” but her music does it for her. Infatuated

  20. mad3byj says:

    The glasses match the room. Perfect.

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