Habanero Snack Taste Test ft. Sean Evans

Habanero Snack Taste Test ft. Sean Evans

How well does Hot Ones host, Sean Evans, know his habanero flavored snack foods? We put him & Alex to the test! GMM #1350
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57 Responses

  1. Robert Guajardo says:

    This is going to be a heated video

  2. Joseph says:

    Alex is funny

  3. Maikonix says:

    I wanna hear that full conspiracy report rhett

    • Christine Neumann says:

      yeah -bring matt santoro on! Knowledge whale. Trivia. Crocodile Dundee as a survival guide.

    • Q Q says:

      Seriously though, what happened was a lot of good and cool intentions ruined by awful, awful execution. Most of the “weird or creepy” artwork is a result of the choices trying way too hard to look modern chic or even what they might have considered timeless when they were placed. There’s a mural that must have been done at some point in the 90’s like this, the message way too obvious though and thus it does not age well at all, in fact the message is being misinterpreted now because it WOULD seem too obvious lol. And the horse statue! I’m certain it was meant to have nice, contrasting to the blue of the body, visibly orange colored eyes, as these colors often appear together in Colorado’s sunsets, but the execution wasn’t there, and the eyes are way too dark to distinctively tell they are orange unless you look really close, so now it’s just too mean looking. There are more examples but I digress

    • Q Q says:

      Nathan Kissane
      Yo, the eyes are definitely orange. Or supposed to be, I know it’s hard to tell I thought they were just plain red too for a while. Read my first comment, this shows there’s something to what I’m saying…Good ideas, poor execution. It can lead to conspiracy theories lol

      BTW also a Coloradan, whole life.

    • Mitchell Lubline says:

      Lily J. Thomas NY has two international airport’s as does Chicago and their not that large. LAX isn’t large either and yet it’s service is high priority for celebrities and business people around the globe

    • Patricia Adamczyk says:

      yes me too

  4. Joseph says:

    Alex needs to show up more

  5. rasghoul says:

    I thought it was Comment Etiquette for a hot sec

  6. Timmy Tom says:

    I keep thinking that Alex is Erik from Comment Etiquette with his hair like that

  7. Science with Katie says:

    I’ve never met someone who hiccups after eating something spicy 😂

  8. Mr Wiggles says:

    Sean Evans and Alex…together?! Pinch me I must be dreaming.

  9. xOldSkoolHollywooDx says:

    I’m so glad they picked Alex for this lol

  10. No Filter A Nintendo Podcast says:

    Alex was a great host

  11. ashleylikesgum says:


  12. Alex Stava says:

    it’s so cringe hearing “habanyero”

  13. Gromzen says:

    The way Alex says “Habanyero” gets to me for some reason

  14. maddielovelee says:

    I love Sean. He’s so cool

  15. LITTLE CRUNCHY says:

    Living for the signature Sean Evans hand gestures. 🙌🏾👐🏼👌🏽👋🏽

  16. ziljin says:

    I was about to say every episode of Hot Ones features Sean Evans. Then I realized this is GMM lol!

  17. Eka Darshan says:

    Shout out to spent roaches

  18. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Should have Dink it and Sink it like Rhett and Link lol.

  19. The Campfire says:

    I waited my whole life for this episode. My two favorite shows combined!

  20. The Campfire says:

    Sean thinks he has to introduce himself…XD haha Who doesn’t know and love Sean Evans?

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