HACK: Use Doritos for Kindling? – Hack Job #1

HACK: Use Doritos for Kindling? – Hack Job #1

What do you think of the new show? Got a HACK you want us to try? Tell us in the comments below!

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19 Responses

  1. Jasmine Hope says:

    I loved this. So, so much.

  2. Halting Hamster says:

    Hehe!!If you know indians and africans are not that poor!!They are just
    like you:)I am a indian^-^

  3. Daneille Alfred says:

    now go watch Jenna marbles’ video, Donald trump sucks lol

  4. Chloe Torres says:

    it would be really cool if when they burn the smell is still ther me and it
    smells like dorritos and not smoke????

  5. Spyro says:

    robin alcohol rob in alcohol got it??

  6. Geremy Dimla says:

    Do rainproof shirts

  7. addpinkie says:

    bern bitch

  8. Christa South says:

    “Is a selfie stick really necessary right now?”

  9. Hollo Glitter13 says:

    I thought it was corrinne when I saw the legs of the dummy

  10. Evanyssa Baros says:

    you should do the foil with a aaa battery for a aa

  11. Mrs Pugachu says:

    Do microwaveable chips!

  12. tragi bean says:

    “to India from Rob” same this is why i love rob

  13. Lolly Close says:

    Omg 2 videos in 1 week

  14. Rolo Jassy says:

    ?? Rob I fucking love you so much!! You the fucking best! ??????

  15. Halliella x says:

    People are moaning about poor kids could have eaten that…. If you feel so
    sorry for em go and buy some food and send it to them! Jezuss

  16. Val Quintana says:

    Burning Donald Trump was DEFINITELY my favorite part lol

  17. Jeewan Shrestha says:

    i saw fuc…ing Trump and i subscribed this channel and a dropped a HUGE
    fuc…ing LIKE too

  18. Queenofswag says:

    Well if Doritos did not sponsor Rob I’m not ?eating them ever .

  19. Jasper Barnhart says:

    totally gonna burn a life size thing of donald trump now what have you done
    you have inspired this shit