Hacker VS Best Minecraft Players

Hacker VS Best Minecraft Players

I fought Minecraft’s Best Players, but I secretly hack on them!
Can they beat me even when I’m cheating?


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outro song – figuring out by koryin

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36 Responses

  1. minemanner says:

    i knew something was fishy when the fight started

  2. ZeeMan630 says:

    “and I will be secretly hacking on every single one of them”

    *scaffolds 23 blocks in 1.9 seconds*

  3. Replez says:

    It’s a good day when Nico uploads. Road to 1 mil!

  4. BloxPlayer _YT says:

    Nico: hacks on everyone with obvious hacks

    Doogile: guess your the best now

    Feinberg: doesn’t notice

    Everybody else: definitely hacking

  5. Charismics says:

    I love how pigrank went from being a premq bridge player to a speed builder

  6. Da Neep says:

    To be fair, ClownPierce isn’t the best pvper, he’s the most well-known person who’s among the best. I definitely AM NOT saying he’s bad; he would demolish almost anybody at pvp, however Rasplin most of the time is be better at crystal pvp and Doly is better at axe & shield.

  7. Hypixel YouTuber says:

    What? Hackers vs me?

  8. Purplers says:

    I can’t believe you’d hack against me like that smh my head

  9. Grinprim says:

    I love how he hacked on a speedrun and lost.

  10. Khang Mai Phuoc An says:

    I didnt even see P0land pull out the ladder and he still landed it that shows how op these guys r

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