#HACKINGHILLARY AGAIN! This Time Coughing Fit Is On Her New Plane

#HACKINGHILLARY AGAIN! This Time Coughing Fit Is On Her New Plane

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Hillary Clinton started coughing on stage in Ohio and it appears that it didn’t get much better for her on the plane.

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20 Responses

  1. Mabeh Al-Zuq Yadeek says:

    Wow, Hillary is a mess.

    She is the most unqualified person running for POTUS in recent memory.

  2. Michael “Moonwalker” Löeser says:

    She needs her Trump shot. She’s allergic to his greatness.

  3. Andrew Emerson says:


  4. Donald Trump says:

    She is very ill…sad

  5. Seb King says:

    1:19 Doctor is back

  6. Splatter the fly! Oh wait, it's a picture! says:

    How come she can open a pickles jar but can’t open a bottle of water? what
    the heck?

  7. gary duarte says:


  8. Caring Heart says:

    The media on the plane is not asking her the tough questions. They are

  9. FMHammyJ says:

    Wont see this on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc…….

  10. Jeffrey Bromfield says:

    How is she going to survive a debate against Donald? Just cough cough her
    way out of tough questions? He’d going to eat her alive.

  11. Som Guy says:

    Laying the ground work to withdraw from the debate stage.

  12. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    There’s no POLLEN on CONAIR ….

  13. Bubbajay says:

    cover your mouth lady! SO GROSS!

  14. Bob Sacamano says:

    she’s so unhealthy she can’t open a bottle of water

  15. Irving Sanguinetti says:

    And she’s in perfect health. lol

  16. Dacrazycard says:

    @ 1:17 Hillary health care aid (that poses as secret service) is seen. Same
    big black guy that was spotted with needle. Same guy that was there when
    Hillary froze up at speech. told her “it is OK……continue to talk”.

  17. Bob Johnson says:

    “Seasonal allergies” in the artificial and controlled environment of an
    airplane, eh.

  18. Glenn Froman says:

    she’s doing this on purpose every time she has to answer a tough question

  19. Garry S says:

    People actually want this woman to be commander in chief…

  20. ATube YouAre says:

    That was pathetic. Both her coughing and her comments. She keeps pushing
    this Russian connection as if Putin is controlling Trump. Disgraceful given
    that it was Hilary who made the Uranium One sale possible. Typical Clinton
    tactic: accuse your opponent of the very thing they are doing.