Hailee Steinfeld Won’t Let Me Go | Awkward Puppets

Hailee Steinfeld Won’t Let Me Go | Awkward Puppets

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41 Responses

  1. Awkward Puppets says:

    I love you Hailee.

  2. Lemon PiL says:

    Ay diego is backkkkkk!!!

  3. fares sakaan says:

    You dont know how hyped i was when i saw that you uploaded

  4. Mr.Awesomestar7 says:

    This is beautiful

  5. Aims says:

    Diego sounds like hes sober on this video and didn’t drink tequila. Is everything ok at home??

  6. M. I. Dirksz says:

    Back at it again hahaha nice vid!!

  7. Sofia Broughman says:

    Love your show!!!

  8. Joseph R.D says:

    Love this

  9. DJ Aartend says:

    Fuck i love this show

  10. Isaiah Skutnik says:

    Happy early birfday jerry. I meant hailee

  11. Bye Bye says:

    I love this

  12. CreamPuff Earper says:

    I love Hailee Steinfeld and this show. ❤❤

  13. Alexa acevedo ortiz says:

    This is so funny 😂I love this

  14. marble cereal says:

    Diego laugh😂😂

  15. mahdi . . says:

    I love Diego

  16. mileskj1 says:

    Lol hahaha I love this video

  17. Pizzass says:

    This is perfect!

  18. Dark Radiation says:

    This is hilarious 😂

  19. Hannah Stocking says:


  20. Maya Palliser says:

    Hailee and Diego are meant to be together. Benita is old news.

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