HAIM – Right Now

HAIM – Right Now

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Recording produced by: Ariel Rechtshaid
Producers: Sara Murphy, Albert Chi, Erica Frauman
Editor: Andy Jurgensen
Recording Engineered by: Chris Kasych
Assistant Engineer: John DeBold

Production Companies: Ghoulardi Film Company, m ss ng p eces

First Assistant Director: Adam Somner
Gaffer: Mike Bauman
Key Grip: Jeff Kunkel
A Camera Operator: Mitch Dubin
B Camera Operator: Eric Anderson
Production Designer: Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro

1st Assistant Camera: Josh Friz, Aaron Tichenor
2nd Assistant Camera: Ryan Creasy

Film Loader: Drey Singer
Camera Tech: Jon Philion
Electric: Kuba Bojsza, Luis Moreno, Peter Rybchenkov
Grips: Matt Ruffner, Delaney Teichler, Terry Ruffner
UPMs: Deanna Barillari, Kat Barnette
Telecine Colorist: Gregg Garvin
Crew: Joshua Zev Nathan, Nick Grau, Anna Rybchenkov

Wardrobe: Rebecca Grice
Hair: Candice Birns
Make-up: Gloria Noto

Panavision Cameras: Lori Killam, Dan Sasaki
Kodak Film: Anne Hubbell
Chapman / Leonard: Dan Issa
Fotokem: Andrew Oran
Roundabout: Carl Moore
Film LA
Pro-Cam Rentals
Watt City

Filmed on location at Valentine Recording Studios, North Hollywood, CA
November 3, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. gaysualizing says:

    talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular

  2. Francisco Lima says:


  3. Vitoria Regina says:


  4. Jayne Sheridan says:

    If you are here before 1 million views you are truly a HAIM fan.

  5. Diana As Celosia says:

    i was studying in the library and i have had to go out just for fangirling in peace.
    I cant belive this. Haim is back!!

  6. Hannah A. says:

    YES!! Now why can’t they play this kinda stuff on the radio?!

  7. whatsdaniel says:

    i was waiting for this like 3 years

  8. Mikhail Gordon says:

    Bass Face + Drum Face = DRASS FACE!!!

  9. Sara Giardin says:


  10. False King says:

    I mean I was super excited for new HAIM but I had no idea it’s gonna be this good. ?

  11. manic bunny says:

    Wasn’t expecting this! Different sound….  love it!

  12. Jéssica Nefrandili says:

    talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before!

  13. Kirsty London says:

    Glad to see that the bass face is still alive and strong, Este!

  14. Pierre-Jean Bouvier says:

    I love how they included everybody who worked with them (in the description). Feels good to see artists having some consideration for the people that helped them.

  15. Socialmario says:

    I’m really excited for all the new music.
    Love these girls so much!

  16. drew albo says:

    My heart is so happy in this moment! F I N A L L Y

  17. Snehartho Dey says:

    Yup, waited for 3 years and it was totally worth it!

  18. Jacopo Ramella Pajrin says:

    The singer reminds me of Shasta (Here for PTA, great music though)

  19. Yudha Bagaskara says:

    aaaaa excited

  20. Mark Michel says:

    Lorde sent me here

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