Hair by Lourdes | My Dream Quinceañera – Brianna EP4

Hair by Lourdes | My Dream Quinceañera – Brianna EP4

Just Do It | My Dream Quinceañera – Brianna EP3 –
Meet Brianna! | My Dream Quinceañera – Brianna EP1 –

Turning 15 is a rite of passage and becomes a major event when having a Quinceañera. There’s finding the dress, planning the fiesta, choosing your Court of Honor and the list goes on, especially when you are planning the Quince of your dreams!

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Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
Producers: Kevin Stalker and Jackie Merry
Directors: Jackie Merry
Line Producer: Sean Saley
Associate Producer: Ryan McManus

Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
Camera Operator: Ben Hecht
Camera Operator: Michael Street
Sound Mixer: Rommel Suniga

Editor: Jose ‘Taco’ Cruz


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55 Responses

  1. jaime martinez says:

    I feel like this is the fastest quince that’s ever happened on here I liked her so much?

  2. Yesenia’s Channel 05 says:

    First, wow lucky you got Lourdes

  3. Mandy Marie says:

    OMG I love this series sm it’s soooo good who else agrees!?

    Btw I’m a small YouTuber

  4. melanie diaz says:

    she kinda looks like desiree when they were doing her hair.

  5. Natalie Garcia says:

    why does Brianna look so much like Eileen awww

  6. Ishariya Maharaj says:

    When your early buy don’t know what to say

  7. Marissa Bravo says:

    She’s another one of my favorite mdq girls! <3 she's so pretty too!!

  8. Martinez 54 says:

    Brianna I am so proud that you ain’t high on your special day.

  9. S H I S H T E R says:

    Lourdes should presentar brianna to Armando because they’d make a cute couple and they’re around the same age unlike Armando and Anna

  10. Mary Blue says:

    Lol he was cursing on speaker???

  11. emiiita Gomez says:

    Her mom reminds me of Vivians mom

  12. Scarlett Martinez says:

    I love Lourdes!❤️❤️

  13. Genesis Zumba says:

    There is always that one chambelan that is late ?

  14. Ariana Butera says:

    13:03 “ive just realized that ur bEaUtIfUl”wow ur saying that she got all glammed up she bEaUtIfUlbut with out glam shes not bEaUtIfUl wow and this is comin from a dad?!?!messed up.

    • Kate Zarate says:

      Ariana Butera i was thinking the same thing

    • Mint Slimes says:

      Ariana Butera he was just saying she is beautiful of coarse he is going to think his daughter is always beautiful but he saying it in a different way because he wants her to feel special on her big day

  15. sydney wilson says:

    my question is, how did she get the hoodie off herself w/o messing up the hair and makeup??? ?

  16. your daily stans says:

    i love eileen’s mom wow she’s so nice and sweet

  17. Anamaria boa says:

    When the Angel guy was walking inside the house, my heart just dropped. Like I really thaught he was in Mexico ??

  18. Suwad Tambajang says:

    Atleast Brianna acknowledges Lourdes more than Eileen

  19. Austayden 36 says:

    Am I the only one that thought that it reminded me of Ana’s quince when one of her Chambelanes called sick and was lying and came through the door, that reminded me cuz of Briana’s chambelan called and was lying? I miss Ana’s quinceañera episodes?❤️

  20. Ruth Rodriguez says:

    I want them to bring back Life After Quince! With the original girls

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