Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.3&4

Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.3&4

Hi Beautiful! Americas next top model reacts is back! These makeovers were iconic.

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64 Responses

  1. Brad Mondo says:

    Which makeover was your favorite??

    • assibratzen116 says:

      Can you maybe react to the makeovers on Germany’s next topmodel? You don’t even have to watch the Episode, the have before and after pictures on the Website. I‘d love to see you comment on it. Last year they gave a girl a mullet.

    • Lisa Adams says:

      @m g I’m not Brad but if your hair is falling out weave would make it fall out even more, why not try hair re growth treatments, caffeine shampoo, shampoo that has collegen and keratin and vitamins as I lost a lot of hair due to bleaching it to much and it took me 2 years for it to re grow, it wasnt the bleach exactly more like I used a box bleach and ended up having an allergic reaction but only one part of my head which was strange, so I stick to professional products and I use bleach that has added keratin to avoid breakage.

    • Anais Antich says:

      Is this on Netflix?

    • Sarah Anne Munson says:

      PLEASE do cycle 12!! Allison’s makeover is the greatest of all time.

    • yeliah says:

      Plsss react to Mackenzie Marie dying her hair with candy!!!!

  2. I’m A Tiny Tiger says:

    My moms hair literally looks like Eva’s hair and when I try to tell her that it looks so 2000’s and isn’t cute she just doesn’t understand what I mean I’m like. Look. Debra. Times change sweetie and ur lookin like that lady from freaky Friday or the mom of Zach and Cody. Please stop

  3. Natalie DiMarco says:

    The girl Kelle from season 3 had that breakdown where she was crying while looking in a mirror saying “I have a…. SNOUT! I have to accept that I have a SNOUT” LOL

    • Caroline Whitham says:

      They did Kelle so wrong. She had actual body dismorphia from only living around white people and they berated her for it instead of trying to raise her up and show her how beautiful she was. I felt so sorry for her.

  4. Alison Jimenez says:

    The early 2000 eyebrows are what’s really making the makeovers look extra terrible

    • Queen D says:

      @Dead_beat Bunny never knew where it was from!!! Lol.

      I dont even know where I get them from. My mother has normal sizes eyebrows. My daughters are amazing.

      Although my face is quite small so bigger ones would look right anyway.

    • Queen D says:

      @Dead_beat Bunny I’ve just read about it. Wow! Will be watching that.

    • Dead_beat Bunny says:

      @Queen D Mine are blonde first off, even though my hair is dark brown so idk what that’s about. I never pluck them and they remain super thin and sparse.

    • Queen D says:

      @Dead_beat Bunny same with mine!!!! I’m darl brown hair but eyebrows are more grey than blonde but super light x

    • Rachel Fourie says:

      And now you get the hideous eyebrows that look like giant caterpillars.

  5. One for him and more for me says:

    “You look snatched.”
    Not even ten seconds in and Brad spewing lies to my face.

  6. I’m at the wrong party says:

    “It’s just hair” she said as she got long, curly blond hair

    • suri B says:

      And only got extensions as make over

    • Tess G says:

      I’m at the wrong party right😂 it’s easy to say “it’s just hair” when you’re getting more of it and for free🤣

    • Charli Gladden says:

      Easy to say that when you are getting not cutting
      Aka what everyone else was having done instead

    • sei love says:

      Those are the one who pisses you off. They be flipping their hair saying girl it’s just hair it grow back. Ppl fail to realize for some their hair takes forever to grow back , and if they lose the competition their mostly going to be stuck with a hairstyle the dont like and everyone’s not able to buy extensions or wigs which be expensive so I can understand how those models feel when they are crying/upset having long hair and being force to cut it off.

  7. Kaleigh Miranda says:

    Why is ANTMs idea of icy platinum like yellow

    • MlaG V says:

      Kaleigh Miranda cause they have unrealistic ideas of how much hair can lift and bleach without breaking off like hay in only one sitting. Hence – girl who had black/brown hair ends up with yellow instead of platinum.

    • Victoria Stargle says:

      they could’ve just used…. wigs??? they aint need to damage these girls’ heads like this

  8. Ashleigh K says:

    Hair dye trends were nasty from 2000-2010. Anyone else have the one chick in your class who had yellow blonde streaks put in her almost black hair?

  9. Deanna DiMaria says:

    No ones going to talk about how he said his 3 favorites were Naima, Tiffany and Keenyah but showed pictures of Naima, Tiffany and Naima again hahaha

  10. Arose888 says:

    Brad: “You’re looking SNATCHED!”

    Me doubled over in pain unable to walk without crying due to ovarian cyst pain: “awe thank you!!” 😭😂

  11. Annie says:

    fun fact: the orthodontist that took off that girl’s braces is MY ACTUAL orthodontist

  12. Jocelyn Webb says:

    Eva is a diva!!!! They could’ve shaved her head and she still would’ve rocked it!!!!

  13. Kayla Jo says:

    It’s crazy seeing Eva in her early modeling days

    • Ty Meadors says:

      To me it’s weird seeing her in her older RHOA days since I watched her on ANTM when the season aired

  14. Irene says:

    9 year old me was screaming when these girls that would cry always went home first. Like yo hair is a wreck and you went home. I’m so sorry. 9 year old me was sending prayers

    • Elia Holguin says:

      Irene LMAO I was the opposite! I thought they were being dramatic, meanwhile I had a curly nest on my head.. eating cereal 😂

  15. Jasmine says:

    It’s so ironic that Eva was crying over her makeover and like 10 years later she’s still rocking that look

  16. Moto Moto says:

    Brad: “you look snAtched”.
    Me at 2AM, crying and eating ice cream: “ thank you brad

  17. lolatJESS says:

    Brad: ‘You looked snatched”
    Me with my faded out color and eating T-bell: “Hell yeah I do!”

  18. Anoel Silliw says:

    “It’s just hair” says the heifer that’s gaining hair instead of having to chop it or change it dramatically 🙄🙄

  19. Tasnim Ahmed says:

    Brad: “You looked snatched.”
    Me: Sitting in bed with crusty lips greasy hair and stanky breath.
    “Boi why you do me like dat”

  20. Michelle Choe says:

    Brad: “you look SNATCHED”

    Me: *i think you got the wrong girl*

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