Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.

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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

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57 Responses

  1. Brad Mondo says:

    Hope you’re all well 💙

  2. Marnie K says:

    Brad! We need to teach these girls: when it comes to bleach, “the wetter the better!!”

  3. Courtney Lizzy says:

    did anyone else get anxiety over the second girl who was recording WHILE DRIVING? like sis took both her hands off the steering wheel like it was NOTHING 💀

  4. Elle Salagaras says:

    I’m glad everyone’s talking about that girl driving like a complete idiot. Thank god we are holding people accountable for literally putting other people’s lives in danger. JUST SHOW US THE HAIR AT HOME🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Havanasky100 says:

      Maikkai Mii hahaha love you commented again

    • Evil Scar says:

      Not only she’s a terrible driver, she’s a terrible person as a whole. She degrades anyone who has mental health and talks a lot of shit for someone who is unhappy with their life. She’s a phony and she’ll never make it far in life. That’s the harsh truth. 👌

    • Esther says:

      wait when ??

    • Lo SK says:

      @Evil Scar You should calm down because you’re looking like you say she is right now. 😏

    • Dragonix Heli says:

      Yeah, I was about to say “what do you do, put your fricking hands on the wheel and don’t look down for the roots” 😂

  5. Mahalia Onichino says:

    lets talk about how shes driving without her hands the whole time…

  6. Vyanna Murray says:

    Did anyone else get anxious when she took her hands AND EYES off the wheel for like 3 minutes 😭😭

  7. Tristan Rodriguez says:

    Ya know, when Brad couldn’t see what she was talking about

    And he tried looking from above to see it 😔

    I felt that 😌

  8. Samantha Jones says:

    “Once your hair is dead you can’t actually bring it back to life. You can make it look and feel better…”


    • iTzVioL3ntK1tTeN love says:

      One more time for the people in the cheap seats 🎤🎤🎙🎙

    • Dragonix Heli says:

      Yes, it’s for all the ads for hair that are like “it totally repairs all your hair” and “my split ends are gone with this product and my hair is healthy again” like no, it is glued together 😂

  9. Amanda Jubb says:

    I like how he’s all “can we talk about those roots” and I’m all ummm can we talk about the fact the girls driving And she’s looking at a camera and holding her hair with both hands!!!! Girl how are you driving??🤦‍♀️

  10. Hope Fauver says:

    Brad saying “I can’t see, I can’t see” while trying to look over the video to see is a mood 🤣🤣🤣

    • Miss Maddie says:

      1:30 was absolutely hilarious! Reminded me of my cousin, long time ago she used to get the Nintendo control and move it up to jump and to the sides to move along with Mario 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Mary says:


    Literally everyone:

    Every single soul:

    *”iS No onE gOInG To taLK AboUt tHE sECoNd girLs DrIVinG”*

  12. Katie Loy says:

    When we come out of quarantine, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of clients that had nothing better to do than ruin their hair for a few weeks so be ready.

    • Anna Simpson says:

      Katie Loy my friends hairdresser gave her the dye she usually uses on her hair and instructions to do it at home and they are giving them to all their clients obviously not free but they are trying to prevent people using box dyes while they are closed cause it obviously will be so difficult to fix it when they do reopen eventually! But yeh the poor hairdressers they are gonna have some serious stuff to fix! Bad dye jobs and haircuts all around!

    • Lisa says:

      Yes ^^

    • I can survive university. I'm Rachel! says:

      @Anna Simpson I am so happy, that I’m not dying my hair 😂

    • Ruby Brunker says:

      so true
      I’ve already done my hair, my dad’s and my best friends

      luckily there’s been no disasters

    • Dragonix Heli says:

      Haha yes, I am so tempted to cut myself a bang but I have to hold myself because cutting bangs will end 99% in a disaster for someone who never did it 😂

  13. Allyson McGough says:

    At 15:05 I thought he was gonna say, “Can we talk about how she’s driving with no hands?”

  14. Megan Druschel says:


  15. Laurie B. says:

    Why is that second girl driving and vlogging? EYES ON THE ROAD

  16. Ryry.detoro says:

    brad: “don’t use box dye at least go to sally beauty”

    also brad: “all good hair fails start with sally beauty”

  17. Neo Lion says:

    “can we talk about how amazing her roots look” can we talk about how she’s not even looking at the road while she’s driving and she let go of the steering wheel??!!!

  18. Angel C says:

    Does the second girl kinda look like Avril Lavigne when she’s in the car or is that just me?

  19. Tara Rosa says:

    “You can’t be bringing yourself down or else what am I going to do” – Brad 2020

  20. Rosa says:

    Can we stop talking about that girl driving without her hands and start talking about how I thought the next video is going to be about John Cena?

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