Haiti police arrest alleged mastermind of president’s assassination | DW News

Haiti police arrest alleged mastermind of president’s assassination | DW News

In Haiti, police say they have arrested one of the masterminds behind the assassination of president Jovenel Moise. Moise was gunned down at his home last week. Officials suspect that the arrested man wanted to oust the president and take over himself as head of the country.
Police have identified the suspect as a Haitian national. Other reports say the man was US resident.
Police had already arrested a number of Haitians and Columbians suspected of being part of the assassination unit responsible for last week’s killing of President Jovenel Moise. But many questions remain.
A team of US agents arrived in Haiti on Sunday, meeting with central members of Haiti’s government.
Church leaders on Sunday asked for calm and told people to remain strong.
Moise’s assassination has created a power vacuum and confusion over who is Haiti’s legitimate leader.
Haiti was in bad shape before the president’s assassination. It’s plagued by gang violence and corruption. And Haitians live in crushing poverty.
Quiet streets in the capital Port au Prince on Sunday mark a contrast to the ongoing political turmoil.

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48 Responses



    • Nightingale Official says:

      @Jasmine Peter you probably also think Biden is all there mentally too and that he won the election fair and square😉😉😉😉

    • Rommel Hyacinth says:

      @SFG to add.. Jocelerme Privert was one who gave those oligarchs the sweetheart gov’t deals that Jovenel Moise cut.. Billions in gov’t money. Jovenel went in search of better deals (example: electricity with Taiwan).. That’s why they love transitions so much..

    • SFG says:

      @Rommel Hyacinth oh yes he did give them a lot of. That’s why those corrupt oligarchs are in love with “Transition”. A transition gvt is irresponsible and is not supposed to make deal on the name of the state but in Haiti they always did. Jovenel spent 4 years trying to cut those deals and they fought him and called him a tyran

    • Rommel Hyacinth says:

      @SFG Did you know that Jocelerme Privert was also alleged to have been responsible for a massacre in St Marc (about a dozen people died). He spent about 20 – 26 months in jail.. And in a transition, they put him in as president? Oh how those oligarchs so love their transitions!

    • Kelvin Barnes says:

      Lesson 2 – uphold your country’s democratic institutions. The former president would have been better off if there was a functioning parliament. Even if they had deposed him he would still be alive.



    • Calmgoodfire says:

      @HaitianQueen45 he’s trash talking the dead president for not doing his promise and is basically spitting on a grave of a dead man it’s very sad to see people do this

    • HaitianQueen45 says:

      @Calmgoodfire I know what he’s trying to imply. I just want to understand this form of thinking. and you are 100%. on point.

    • Joe Freeman says:

      @Calmgoodfire he’s not trash talking, there is no insult, just that the man didn’t keep to his promise so let us hear why

    • HaitianQueen45 says:

      @Joe Freeman if that’s not trash talking pls define trash talking ?

    • Big Rah says:

      @Calmgoodfire some dead ppl deserve to be spit on…

  3. ANO NYM says:

    This sounds like a cover-up. A nobody who shows up and wants to become President? Who would support him? This is all suspect

    • Yihanna Johnson says:

      @The anarchist Caesar Wasn’t he the one who had a hard time to accept losing ? The same telling people to do a recount.

    • A A says:

      @sean cambell he sounds reasonable to me he was against moise but he like oh nah mfs killed the president now y’all gotta get it

    • Rommel Hyacinth says:

      @DailyDose He is the prime minister. In the Haitian constitution, the prime minister becomes the interim president until elections.

    • Weebish username says:

      If this happened last week why are we hearing about it now?

    • Chantale Ragnauth says:

      Agree. Scapegoat. Where did he get the money to finance mercenaries??

  4. G W says:

    The guy who gained the most power , is the current PM , he wasnt even suppose to be PM , he is backed by Police and military , fishy stuff all around.

    • Amy v says:

      @Jean Gingras thank you ♥️🇨🇦

    • who is This says:

      @Amy v the only people who get in those positions to be president are always compromised to a certain extent, you think the Billionaires are going to let one men ruined their Fortune because you want to help the people before you leave office, he knew he was a dead man walking, when he went against the people that got him there.

    • Mass Debater says:

      What do you care?

    • Mister Yummy says:

      He wept for the president,i think it wasn’t him

    • MrSofly2010 says:

      For all the conspiracy theorists. The official report is already of a conspiracy! You can state that alternatives exist for any outcome reported! Your not adding anything of value to the conversation. .

  5. djatou diawara says:

    I don’t think they have arrested the mastermind off this inside job done by Haïtien political leaders

    • l l says:

      @Balargus thats not how any of this works. This is the 4th leader to die who rejected vax from who

    • Thom says:

      @Balargus Unless of course the CIA had a hand in it

    • Beautyinmybrokeness says:

      Agreed I feel like they know all eyes are on them so they are trying to make seem they are taking it seriously

    • Chansky Simeon says:

      The police chief, his security, the prime minister was fired days before jovenel murder, boulos and vorbe are some of the richest people in Haiti.

    • Lucia Lazarte says:

      The Dr is a psychopath, he is one of the mastermind, there is a an other mind with the same power, usurper power.

  6. Blue Swadeshoes says:

    That’s not the master mind that’s the money mule. The real master mind is the financier. This guy filed bankruptcy not too long ago

    • NEG BEF LA says:

      Filed 3 times

    • Ayanna Smith says:

      @Gina H Trump is a liar,The true poster boy yes boy for corruption. Smh every he did was for himself and that coven of inbreed kids. Why you people feel the need to bring his whining self up is beyound me. Go sheeew fly go bother someone else.

    • vdot Jr says:

      @jllshov fried people…

    • Sloppy Joe says:

      @Ayanna Smith yeah, Trump isn’t like me. My family and I are on the up and up. It’s not like I threatened to withhold aid to the Ukrainians unless they dropped the investigation against my dimwit son, on national tv.
      And it’s not like that same dimwit son, is now selling his kindergarten like drawings for $500k, and the buyers are to remain anonymous. And if you mention anything about bribery, you’re a conspiracy theorist!

    • Louloo says:

      The Mastermind is a Haitian. It’s always a person of the same nationality. They want Power…… That’s it.

  7. Sutikare Oluwagbenga says:

    Wait a minute … some unnamed outside guy, decides to
    assassinate the president and “JUST SIMPLY” walk in
    and take over the country?
    ……..yeah, right …..

  8. el Pepe etesech says:

    They just took a random guy from the streets just like when the president choose which protesters families have to get kidnapped.

  9. Keyesus says:

    They said they got the mastermind… so you know they didn’t get the mastermind

  10. F3rdi says:

    “A man’s enemies will be members of his own household” JESUS.

    • Mass Debater says:

      So members outside his household are who? Family that can be trusted?

    • Gabriel P J Gervais says:

      @Mass Debater in that usage meant by F3rdi, from what I understand, the word ”house-hold” does not mean eg living in the same apartment, but eg if you say ”The House of David”, then it is about family and close ones in the general sense.

    • F3rdi says:

      @Mass Debater Ask Jesus. I did not say it. I just told you who said this quote. He only said who the enemies are; we know nothing about those who can be trusted. Jesus is a master of logics.

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