Haiti president Jovenel Moïse assassinated overnight at his private residence

Haiti president Jovenel Moïse assassinated overnight at his private residence

Haiti president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated overnight at his private residence. Miami Herald Carribean reporter Jacqueline Charles, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss further.

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42 Responses

  1. Chi-Town Raised says:

    His security either was in on it or his security is just that poor.

  2. Nancy Blockcolsky says:

    Some of you are criticizing her for saying “mortally wounded”…”he is dead.” “Mortally wounded” is what she was quoting from Haitian sources. She’s clarifying that he’s not wounded, he’s dead. Jeesh, people. Do you want people to be that picky about every word you say?

  3. quest 77051 says:

    i sure hope this doesn’t start a full blown civil war. smh.

    • Just Glenn says:

      @TERRY KWAY Everything you said is EXACTLY the reason black people are still propped up. No one wants to bring the problems of blacks into the light for fear of being called a racist. So lets just shhhhhh and be quiet. Nothing happening here folks. Meanwhile the entire African continent is 300 years behind the rest of the world

    • TERRY KWAY says:

      @Just Glenn you have to be specific with the group of black people you are talking about,there are many ethnicities so enlighten me.

    • TERRY KWAY says:

      @Just Glenn I do agree that every problem must be discussed but you just called me inherently dumb just for being african so excuse me if I’m getting racist undertones from you.

    • holdontight1981 says:

      I hope not either. otherwise, they all come to America, claiming as refugees.

    • The Gheist says:

      @Ivener Joseph Race wasn’t the leading factor of the civil war, and there are various civil wars throughout history in which race is irrelevant.

      Try not being brainwashed.

  4. Duvenson TV says:

    Unfortunately, some people saw this coming. Let’s pray for Haiti. One day it will get better

    • Richard Anderson says:

      @JamaalDay/NiteLong !!! Exactly I wasn’t telling them not to fight back nor am I saying Christians shouldn’t stand against corruption but fighting back should only be used if all other options have been exhausted like in Haiti. I fully support them fighting corruption but now that the person Satan was using to sow the corruption is dead then now we can truly see God work and I know it will take action not only on the Christian ministry part to help rebuild Haiti but also on the part of the Haitian people and the leaders of this beautiful country. I don’t mean physical beauty only however the scenery is awesome near the mountains in the forested areas but these people in Jesus name has a deep amazing spiritual beauty with the holy spirit in Jesus name. This is mostly why I love these people and pray for the best for them.

    • JamaalDay/NiteLong !!! says:

      @Richard Anderson Tell me in your opinion what other options do Haitians have?

    • Manny Cracker says:

      Will it? How?

    • nobull shiit says:

      yeah well ill bet on that .about I give you one hundred to one odds that in 10 years from now Haiti will still be exactly like it is now guaranteed . my hundred against your dollar

    • Ride Nelson says:

      Nah, President Trump was right about Hati

  5. Brett says:

    His security personnel was either in on it or they suck at their job.

  6. K Zorus says:

    The same people who are claiming to be the saviors are the ones funding/orchestrating your demise.

  7. Amber A says:

    The president of Haiti assassinated at his home ? THE PRESIDENT OF HAITI ASSASSINATED AT HIS HOME ?🤔 Where was security ? And how did they know he was there ?🤔 this was an inside job!

  8. Devaughn Amory says:

    Sounds like mercenaries. Foreign military. Overwhelmed his security. We’ll see what comes out

  9. R VITALIS says:

    They wanted this man out of office. Didn’t sound like he was a man loved by the people.

    • Angela Caldwell says:

      He wasn’t. My sister’s fiancé is from Haiti. He killed his people and stole from them.

  10. Van Helsing says:

    The presidential guard may only be at the level of a mall security guard.

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