Haiti’s Gangs Call for Violence After the President’s Assassination

Haiti’s Gangs Call for Violence After the President’s Assassination

On July 7, Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home. His death is likely to further disrupt the security situation in Port-au-Prince, where entire neighborhoods are controlled by gangs with alleged links to Moise’s government. VICE News spends time with the police and the gangs battling it out in Haiti’s capital.

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60 Responses

  1. Tommy Langø says:

    That poor woman. To lose your childe like that is just too cruel.

    • Queenie NY says:

      @RETROSPECATIVE that demon have no heart…for that trash to even type that about a child is totally evil…

    • Aeterna Victrix says:

      @Avi Sayen Criminals aren’t law abiding citizens, also look up stats about using guns to protect people. The numbers are pretty big.

    • Avi Sayen says:

      @Evereen124 considering the situation Haiti is in, it won’t be wrong to call it a failed state, so yeah violence is rampant.
      And as you called them “gangs”, gangs are criminals not law abiding citizen

    • Avi Sayen says:

      @Aeterna Victrix is it bigger that using guns to commit violence? I don’t think so

    • Evereen124 says:

      @Avi Sayen violence was rampant before it was a failed state.

      Ok, how are the “criminals” acquiring their weapons then?

  2. ralnyx says:

    I feel bad for the Haitian mother’s 5-year-old daughter who got kidnapped, raped, then murdered. That’s horrible.

  3. Marsonis2ya says:

    “Not a single member of the president’s guard was hurt in the attack”. Umm…what? You should probably start looking there first if no one else managed to get hurt and they were supposed to protect him with their lives..

    • jake ellis says:

      @Perfeccionista The USA has done terrible things and it has interfered in Carribean politics, including in Haiti.

      To quote The Independent:
      “Haiti for decades was ruled by harsh and brutal dictators, perhaps best exemplified by the Duvaliers, who were backed by the US and Europe as a perceived bulwark against communism.”

      So the US was promoting authoritarian dictators in that country until fairly recently which is why today it is so unstable.

    • Central Intelligence Agency says:

      @Perfeccionista you still didn’t provide any evidence lmao

    • cris tristam says:

      They would hit the blue wall with that kind of investigation. Do you know nothing about the police? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_wall_of_silence

    • kacorri says:

      That statement was false though.

    • MINDPAINS says:

      @The Accent Man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I didn’t he was alien but I said the Presidents are related to each other witch is real. Side note there’s no such thing as as a conspiracy theories but the truth.

  4. Moe 4president says:


    • Midnight Virtuoso says:

      @UzuMaki NaRuto go back to crunchyroll, you probably don’t even go outside that much to be commenting.

    • UzuMaki NaRuto says:

      @Delgermurun Tsagaankhuu
      No I just think SJWs are largely pathetic people who often live empty lives which is why they turn to ‘fighting for’ stupid and trivial things to fill up that emptiness. These kinds of people need to live in the real world like what’s shown in this video to see that everything they’re ‘fighting for’ is nothing in comparison to what the vast majority of people are facing in their daily lives.

    • Delgermurun Tsagaankhuu says:

      @UzuMaki NaRuto and what does that make you, sir naruto

    • Moe 4president says:

      @Amber A you must of never been to the hood in the US…if you have your over exaggerating

    • Moe 4president says:

      @UzuMaki NaRuto Was Xi JinPing your president before you moved to the US?

  5. Arthur Imona says:

    The cop answering questions seems like he’s really careful at answering. Seems like he’s hiding something while smirking away like he doesn’t really care about the assassination

    • Liamson absolu says:

      No he’s answering like that because when you are haitian like i am and know the history, he knows America has a hand in it somewhere and he has an american reporter in his face!! The US and other european nations will always distort the truth especially when they have and interest in that 3rd world country!

    • KelseyWolf says:

      the smiling is a cultural thing I think, his body language shows he’s uncomfortable, and in the previous videos by vice covering the situation in Haiti before this was filled with similar stuff when it comes to police/people not really speaking frankly/openly to the press. It can come across as malicious, but I think it’s survival. The situation feels like a sh** show even before this chaos. Gangs, police, army, feels like everyone is out to kill you.

    • Jay Bee says:

      Why tf would you care about the assasination of a DICTATOR? THAT KILLED 1000s OF YOUR PEOPLE ANSWER ME THAT

    • Jay Bee says:

      Like…do you all think the president was a good person? Watch the rest of the videos Vice has and learn the story…understand history and why it happened…whoever killed him was helping the country and its people…alot of you people are ignorant and blind of the truth,just because your labeled a “President” doesn’t mean you deserve to be one

    • Enid Dryden says:

      What is he to say, what would you have him do? You all see what happened to the big man, keep yuh mout shut my brother.

  6. Joe Meade says:

    This is honestly Wild af, average american have no clue

  7. Debt Collector305 says:

    “After the President gets killed do you feel safe?” He asked the woman while interviewing her through her window. HELL NO!!! She doesn’t feel safe

    • ZeddieBoi says:

      @Buddy Lee yea, like you said, its a tough question

    • PSYNIDE says:

      That’s journalism for people who actually have pursued higher education in the field…..

    • Zamy Mw2 says:

      he he didnt wanted to take vaccine and hes killed by america and after his assassination they order 50,000 dose of vaccine

    • Smikle's TV says:

      Asking dumb fucking questions. Ain’t it ur ppl who sent this hit?

    • JAME-O Ostergaard says:

      Wasn’t this president really corrupt though? Ive heard so much stuff about how bad he was and the violence he ignored and all that so it’s like did she feel safe before he was killed? Or no? Cause if I lived that close to a person who runs the country who is also super corrupt I would not feel safe unless me and my family were corrupt too. Those are questions I ask myself. Cause who knows what her husband/boyfriend or sons or what do. (If she has any) maybe they asked all those questions but just didnt put that in the full video for length purposes. Assassinations are always super messy after even in 1st world countries like America. Making people confused and scared. And what’s really scary is how BBQ is acting now I watched a video on him a while ago before the assassination and he got away from the violence and cannibalism and stuff with general butt naked. And now look at him… It’s a sad thing to see

  8. Becoming Japanese 日本 says:

    Can’t imagine it could happen to a president in his on safe haven.

    • Sebastian Martinez says:

      he had no surveillance cameras in that house & was easily accessible to everyone living in the hood.

    • Julia Lerner says:

      Obviously an inside job.

    • offchance says:

      Ex Haitian President was also struggling with legitimacy and wouldn’t leave office after losing elections earlier this year.

    • Daniel Mcgreevy says:

      In countries where corruption is endemic it is unfortunately way too easy to bribe any civil servant to conduct any atrocity towards a sovereign nation regardless of the targets political standing and influence. The clearest and most prevalent example of a country where a politician, journalist, and even ordinary citizens are a bribe away from their assassination or kidnapping is Mexico. The amount of journalists and politicians who have been assassinated immediately after publishing a story on corruption/cartel activities or their threatening existence via policy or campaign pledges is absolutely mind boggling and said group(s) would quickly be labeled as a terrorist organization by the US along with EU countries (Mexican drug cartels are terrorists and should be labeled as such in my opinion) as assassinating any politician due to their stances and potential policies is politically motivated yet that is the US’ publicly stated excuse against designating the Sinaloa Cartel and CJNG as a terrorist organization as 95% of municipal governors and federal politicians are someway or another complicit in corruption regardless of them being aware that their staff or funders are compromised by cartel influence.

    • offchance says:

      @Julia Lerner it sure was an inside job, inside his house 😂😂😂

  9. dieselphiend says:

    “Not a single member of the presidents guard was killed during the attack”.

    Are you kidding me? What did they do??? Put their hands up and lay on the ground? It doesn’t make sense.

  10. 4L says:

    It’s crazy how hard it is to find peace in this world..

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