Half in the Bag: The Assistant and The Wrong Missy

Half in the Bag: The Assistant and The Wrong Missy

Mike and Jay finally return to work to talk about two movies that didn’t have their release dates pushed back a year: The Assistant, a tense and slow drama about workplace harassment, and The Wrong Missy, a tense and slow drama about workplace harassment.

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  1. Sitruk86 says:

    the trailer for the assistant is the best argument i’ve seen for trailers as false advertisement.

  2. Jimmy Kimmel In BlackFace says:

    THE COFFEE GAG EXPLAINED:  Geoff Pearson (who plays the boss) has some kind of weird history with “no coffee” gag. In That 80s Show there is pretty funny segment from the episode PUNK CLUB where everybody wants coffee but there’s no coffee. I’m guessing Pearson may have actually suggested the coffee gag for The Wrong Miss because they couldn’t figure out a joke for that scene.

  3. Richter WLK says:

    Good to know there’s no corona anymore. Guess i’ll go back to my routine of unemployed stay-at-home single guy.

    • THAC0twenty says:

      You still jave Budweiser

    • Kozmo Farmgirl says:

      Get’cher Real Feels here, folks. Why substitute with dimestore depression when you can be a career schlockaholic? Don’t sell yourself short acting like it isn’t work… There’s just no pay.

    • fernando snips says:

      they might as well call it schrodinger’s corona virus, it exists in a quantum superposition where it simultaneously does and doesn’t exist unless someone is making money from it, and nobody wants to open the box to see for themselves because they’ll get the kung flu

    • clamstain says:

      get some exercise, do some recreational looting

  4. Matt says:

    I suggest as an all female cast double feature The Neon Demon and Suspiria (2019)

  5. Targi Svear says:

    RIP Rob Schneider’s ethnic parts career.

    • Cathartic Cathexis says:

      Gnaeus Sergius Fidenas Coxo Watch the movie “Knock Off”. It is a truly terrible movie about exploding jeans with Jean Claude Van Damme with some of the most amazing action cinematography I have ever seen in any movie before or since.

    • dogboy0912 says:

      I think the peak of Rob Schneider’s acting is found in the bench warmers.

    • Prathap Kutty says:

      @Gnaeus Sergius Fidenas Coxo he was good in home alone 2

    • Karnacle Blackburn says:

      @Gnaeus Sergius Fidenas Coxo
      Benchwarmers was the high point of his acting ability.

      The Animal was passable

    • WizardPatch says:

      His only regret…..is never getting to play a gay black albino.

  6. 26k Down The Drain says:

    “Improv is the worse thing since cancer”
    -Mike Stoklasa

  7. Michael Shadley says:

    Nick Swardson looks like B. Arthur with “Casket Bloat”

  8. RandomPath says:

    I hope in all this craziness, Mr. Maculkin is safe in Rich Evan’s arms

  9. Gotherella says:

    *slams desk*

  10. ExtraSalt says:

    AMC Theatres files for bankruptcy after failing to reach a deal with billionaire entrepreneur Rich Evans

  11. INTERNERT! says:

    so weirdly comforting to see Mike and Jay make fun of crap right now

  12. Jacob Topinio says:

    On behalf of the state of Hawai’i, we’re sorry, but the money is good.

  13. Lou Tenant says:

    As someone who likes some improv, I take offense to the claims that I would ever enjoy an Adam Sandler movie

    • Ryan LaJoie says:

      @Kodoku Pierrot There’s a (in my opinion) fun special on Netflix Middleditch and Schwartz that does some long-form improv, as well.

    • Meister Kleister says:

      Only last week I googled “funniest podcasts” and the recommendations were all improv. Most of them didn’t click for me tbh, so I can see where Mike is coming from. But I’ve found “Hello from the Magic Tavern” the only one to make me really laugh at times.

    • Mega Man says:

      I was going to say whos line is amazing Ryan Stiles come on!

    • Mega Man says:

      @Kodoku Pierrot psh Ryan Stiles lol

    • Franco Negri says:

      It’s a strange claim from mike, when they themselves do some great improv in half in the bag

  14. Brosus says:

    I legitimately picked Wrong Missy at random while high without watching the trailer. The first fifteen minutes was amusing under the circumstances.
    But eventually even being high as a kite couldn’t make me laugh any more which is sad.

  15. Cathartic Monkeys says:

    “Improv is the new cancer”
    Cut to Rich Evans stumbling onto set.

  16. TheSwampFoxLives says:

    So the director is actually Adam Sandler’s nephew… lmao. My brother went to high school with him (the same high school Adam Sandler went to)

  17. Sheldon Dinkleberg says:

    “Just watch a Wes Anderson film; they’re all the same”

    That’s gonna make some people mad

    • Steve Forbes says:

      Ya know a lot of Bruce Springsteen songs sound similar but they all are different attempts at telling a story as he sees it through his life and how he expresses himself. While it’s cool to have a diverse style, it’s a nice contrast to see somebody paint different pictures from the same palette of colors.

    • Harold says:

      He was better off staying in Godflesh.

    • Luigi Nastro says:

      Nah, whatever. He’s kinda right.

      But I like them anyway.

    • 2CrowStudios says:

      They might all be the same but Darjeeling Limited has trains in it and it’s my favorite.

    • Full of Mischief says:

      I mean, every filmmaker is chasing a singular film. Scorsese, Kubrick, Lynch to Nolan, Ridley Scott, etc. Its probably one of those things even they don’t realize. Every filmmaker is just remaking the same film they already made, essentially.

  18. Scott Silver says:

    Julie Garner was also in “Maniac” which was “very cool”

  19. Pete Smith says:

    Is that the real Rich Evans?
    Or is it a clone, grown by Palpatine?

  20. MrManologrande says:

    I would pay to watch a documentary of Rich Evans getting ripped, just sayin’ .

    • Tyler says:

      From Rich Evans to Ripped Evans, an inspiration to many.

    • Mike Rosoft says:

      I’d donate to that. And if he doesn’t get ripped he gets none of the money.

    • Tamlan Dipper says:

      I think you could fairly accurately simulate the entire thing by making a tray of milk bread buns and dusting it with yak hair. The transition from hairy glutinous pasty mess to golden brown hardened hairy mess will be perfect. I am of course assuming that Mike will smear Rich with a coating of egg half way through.

    • Mega Man says:

      OH GOD I read that as “getting raped”. I laughed then re read then laughed even harder. Him being raped seems WAY more likely.

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