Halloween Special: Werewolves

Halloween Special: Werewolves

You know ’em, you love ’em, but you might not know ’em quite as well as you think you do! Today let’s dive into one of the big-name creatures of the night!

Huge thanks to Maegan A. Stebbins, aka “Maverick-Werewolf”, for reaching out to help me with the research on this one! Check out http://maverickwerewolf.com/ for more of her stuff!

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Elevator and Sneaky Snitch, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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45 Responses

  1. Henry Wong says:

    Knowing that Red learnt the existence of ABO from researching this video is honestly so funny

  2. Noah Felix says:

    I adore and hate the idea that a whole genre of erotic fiction was generated cause ONE SCIENTIST messed up ONCE. Thank you ABO fan fiction writers, immortalizing a mans mistakes one enemies to lovers at a time.

    • The 24th Colossus Just chilling on a sofa says:

      @BlackWing I just Want to thank all They people that took time out of their day to explain this, despite probably wanting to wash it out of their brains

    • Elena Friese says:

      @greendoge Heck yeah! That sounds like a great time!

    • amberbydreamsart says:

      honestly considering how many ways people tried to wrangle something more than it was out of this theory of wolf behavior, it feels right omegaverse to be its final resting place. If we can make enough fanfiction that makes manly men cringe maybe they’ll stop trying to pretend an ‘alpha male’ is a thing that one can apply as a label to real humans and learn that we are, in fact, not built solely on hierarchical structures

    • Nat says:

      @LilyFluff like anything the trope itself isn’t inherently terrible it’s just how people use it that gets scary.

    • Errtuabyss says:

      @Noah Felix
      Except he didn’t mess up anything. He did what you are suppose to do as a scientist: observe, record the observations, make a hypothesis and try to see whether the hypothesis sticks by observing more. These kind of thesis are never 100% correct because you will always miss out on important information (you couldn’t possible knew are there) and end up guessing a lot.

      The messing up is the now popularized blog post where the fact that the leading male is the father (which was already in the original study btw) is taken as reason to discard all other facts and proclaim it is just a family and the leading male is just the father, even when it literally is the strongest and most dominante of the pack.
      The truth is that almost all known sexual reproducing beings have a hierarchical structure where the fittest males (note, this doesn’t mean strongest or “dominant in a sexual way” or whatever other nonsense people want to tag on) are chosen as partners by the females (as in sexuality, not gender) as mates because they instinctively know that it is the best chance for successful reproduction. Or, how we humans might want to call it: starting a family. Some animals reverse this (so the females are chosen by the males) and some don’t live in families. But the important thing is that the most “dominant” male has the highest chances of reproduction and, if there are family structures, lead the family.

      So in other words: both is true and false framed.
      The leader of a wolf pack is in general the strongest because he did get chosen by the mother for that reason. The rest of the pack is compound of their children, other family members (like a sibling or their parents for example) an soooometimes some other wolf they “adopted” (in most cases females, but that is not exclusively) but in general members that aren’t strong enough to survive on their own or start their own family (yet). There are records of very big packs of wolves, mostly in winter when a single family can’t survive on their own and more wolves get together to hunt prey they normally wouldn’t. These are rare and normally break up as soon as the situation normalizes and every pack goes back to having their own territory.
      The important part here is that the pack structure is neither some kinky sex thing nor some kind of classless society. It is pretty much how families are structured in most animals that have those (some animals being loners and all). It is the same thing for lions (where the male is the strongest and get privileges because it has to protect the rest of the pride of other animals, especially other male lions that kill cubs so the females will be ready to mate faster) or Chimps or deer or whatever. This is also true for humans. And exactly what a “nuclear family” is suppose to be. The female chooses who she likes so the male will support her and the family.
      Of course in modern society we are not bound by the normal rules for natural selection and free to do whatever we want. But this is how animals in general are programmed to function. If you don’t like it: complain to god or whoever you think is the manager of reality.

  3. Jason says:

    I love The Dresden Files for this because it used a bunch of these historical versions of werewolves and made them their own unique thing. The Author did a real deep-dive into werewolf lore and it showed.

  4. 8unnylover says:

    “Is the wolf the man’s shadow?”

    *sobbing in LOZ: Twilight Princess*

  5. Stitches Jpeg says:

    Came to learn about werewolves, ended up learning about how the kick-off of witch hunts was a monk letting a confident woman live rent free in his head.
    Crazy how that happens

    • dino dude says:

      @jjj7790 it’s depressing how people like that still exist…

    • Star maker 75 says:

      The fact that the witch hunt was started by a incel monk (that was so sexist that even the early modern Catholic Church is saying calm down) makes too munch sense.

    • Gokbay says:

      Yeah. Also kind of nice to see that despite popular view of the Catholic Church as “worse”/more regressive than the Protestants in that Catholics tended to be more like “Witches and Werewolfs don’t exist because God, calm down everyone”. Wİth Protestants going “BURN THE WITCH!”

      Before anyone accuses me, I am neither Catholic nor Protestant (not any form of Christian actually, not even from a mostly Christian country).

    • Brian Emerson says:

      @Star maker 75 given that monks are supposed to be celibate, the idea of an incel monk is really making me giggle.

    • runedragon1985 says:

      Never underestimate the devotion of an incel.

  6. Someguycalledgoober says:

    I love werewolves, one of my characters (who’s based off of Little Red Riding Hood) is a werewolf.
    Part of the reason why I love them is that flexibility, but I didn’t know *how flexible they really are* holy cow. _Dream powers?!_ I can give a werewolf telekinesis and it makes sense?! Some what jokes aside, how I handle my character is that it starts as only turning by night, but stress makes the curse worse making her slowly turn over a period of time. She has to accept that part of herself in order to get a handle of her more animalistic nature.

    In short: vampires are worse than Werewolves, 100%.

  7. Thomas Wright says:

    See, they wouldn’t have had so many problems executing innocent witches if they’d just put them on a scale with a duck! Everyone knows that witches weigh the same as a duck.

  8. Alexander Rost says:

    “Werewolves are objectively better than vampires.”
    You’re god damn right

  9. Luts Angy Ramos says:

    I absolutely had no idea werewolves were so connected to christianity, always so cool to learn through your videos :3

  10. Ancient Guard says:

    The series that handled this thr best in my opinion was the Dresden Files. They explicitly have multiple types of werewolves, one book even has humans who use magic to shapeshift into wolves, enchanted objects that change you, and the full on unstoppable curse monster.

    Each had their own quirks and functioned a bit differently. I like Dresden Files a lot.

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