Halo Infinite | Carry On

Halo Infinite | Carry On

Dive into the fray with Halo’s most harrowing fight yet. You face an entire army of ruthless Banished soldiers. But they face the Master Chief.

For more information on Halo Infinite, head to http://xbox.com/haloinfinite

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51 Responses

  1. iSpiteful says:

    Okay that was badass

  2. EckhartsLadder says:

    Chief took that kick personally

  3. Richard Elie says:

    imagine an upgrade for the grapple that lets you steal enemy weapons if you can make the shot. half the time you’d end up flying at them lmao it would be amazing

    • Justice Clum says:

      I’d spend hours just killing Grunts and Brutes with their own weapon.
      *Yoink, kill you with a hammer, drop.
      *Yoink again, kill you with a plasma pistol, drop.
      …and so and so forth.

    • Cyrribrae says:

      lol it would probably be frustrating in practice lol, but it’s a very cool idea.

  4. RaGin RaZin says:


  5. asimple pie says:

    “Negative, we lost him..”

    “Not yet.” *bubble shield noise*

  6. Verixz 1047 says:

    Love how Chief reloads after shooting six bullets, matches the multiplayer experience perfectly.

  7. Rush Garcia says:

    You know spartan 2’s specifically weigh like over a thousand pounds, so really there’s no reason why we cant just swing grunts around like a flail with the grapple shot.

    • pronumeral1446 says:

      @Flixytip Brutes are extemely strong. Not only are they huge in size, but their homeworld’s gravity is twice that of Earth, so their muscles and bones are denser, meaning they are stronger than you would think even for their huge size.

    • Ivan Quiles says:

      @Hextin that’s what he meant

    • Flixytip says:

      @pronumeral1446 I know that, I feel like everyone looked at my comment thinking I don’t know brutes can 1 v 1 Spartans and beat them if the Spartans aren’t careful. I just thought it was funny how chief just got kicked like that, but was confused on how he didn’t see the brute

    • John Taylor says:

      @Going Indie Brutes are at least 3x stronger than Spartans, and grunts are stronger than normal humans.

    • John Taylor says:

      @OrionLax Brutes are far stonger

  8. Roanoke Gaming says:

    All your hammers are belong to us

  9. Hentaiweeb69 says:

    Chief: what do i get for defeating the entire banished faction and retaking zeta halo
    The UNSC: best i can do is 50XP

  10. Mr. McTikTok says:

    Reminds me a little of the old Halo 3 commercials. I’m excited and feeling a little nostalgic. Can’t wait to play the campaign with MC again!

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