Halo Infinite | Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer

Halo Infinite | Season 1: Heroes of Reach Launch Trailer

The next era of Halo begins! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is available today and free to play on Xbox and PC. Begin your personal Spartan journey today with Season 1: Heroes of Reach, and stay tuned for upcoming, limited-time in-game events and exclusive rewards. Halo Infinite’s campaign is available for pre-order now and launches December 8, 2021.

For more information on Halo Infinite, head to: xbox.com/haloinfinite

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41 Responses

  1. Silencer Six says:

    People who believed the leaks: “And they called me a madman.”

  2. Mitten Squad says:

    I’m sorry Pringles, I’ll never doubt you again

  3. Art Worthy says:

    To quote the Master Chief: “I need a weapon.”

  4. Big Tom says:

    I feel like a kid again in the 7th grade; back when I was counting down the days and waiting for Reach to release and getting excited when I finally got it. Thank you for this early release

    • Rex Zilla427 says:

      To add to that feeling, I was in 7th grade when Halo 3 came out… so many hours list playing online for the first time on Xbox Live, with my brother and our new found friends. Sadly, don’t really play with my brother anymore, and all those friends we made in H3 are gone. But here’s hoping to meet some new friends along the way. Who knows… maybe you and I will cross energy swords on the battlefields of Infinite… rest assured, our battles will be legendary, our triumphs will be glorious, and a new Great Journey is about to begin. Good luck my fellow Spartan. Fight long, and fight well.

    • George DeTore says:

      @Rex Zilla427 yeah halo 3 – Big Tom is still Little Tom.

    • dabbing raccoons says:

      I am in 7th grade so yeah

  5. majin juice says:

    “No one else would say it, so I will: the fact that I never give up is one of my good points!” — SPARTAN-1337

  6. ZybakTV says:

    Battlefield and CoD Vanguard are trembling.

    • TheGrapeThief says:

      @logan leighton (lml55) oh I absolutely know that, but at least it isn’t Call of Duty levels of rehashing. EA would have to actively try to be that much of a reskin. I’m not getting it either, Halo Infinite forever.

    • Botched Gaming says:

      Halo infinite progression system seems to take a ton of grinding. Let’s not act like it doesn’t have its share of problems.

    • Zephyr2903 says:

      @Botched Gaming that doesnt seem bad considering you can always level it up no matter the season and more reason to play

    • Poperoni says:

      I refunded Battlefield when it launched after playing 2 hours of it

    • Botched Gaming says:

      @Zephyr2903 fair point. Kinda forgot about that actually.

  7. Steve Smith says:

    Pringles be like: “we got you Spartans.” 😎 have a blast today everyone!

  8. FoxyDubz says:

    They put Jeff’s lines in for CTF. Thank you. The mode felt empty during the flight. Also, revive mechanic… y’all know what that means….

    We can revive Johnson and Noble 6

  9. D Blundz says:

    The lesson we learned here today is that we will always trust the Pringle’s, for they never lie

  10. Blackg8r says:

    at the last scene with the spartan shooting a rocket at a banshee, did anyone else immediately think the guy was gonna die by splash damage and ragdoll all the way back to reach

    • Rocket Boy says:

      no I thought more along the lines of “That was unnecessary, he could have just hijacked the banshee or just do an in-place shot instead of jump shot at that range” but … you know I guess to make things dramatic they did it their way. I would have loved your way though lol

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