Halo the Series | First Teaser | Paramount+

Halo the Series | First Teaser | Paramount+

Hello, Master Chief. Halo, the new original series, streaming 2022 exclusively on Paramount+

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35 Responses

  1. Shadow Spidey says:

    Are you freaking serious an actual Halo TV Series yes a billion times yes.

    • Shadow Spidey says:

      @sirfishe Nope it really doesn’t matter TBO.

    • Halo Universe says:

      @VAUX The difference is that Red vs. Blue is not an in house creation from 343i. It’s created by a third party company called Rooster Teeth which has nothing to do with 343i. So the comparison isn’t very valid when you are justifying why/if something should be true to Halo canon or not.

      Also, this movie is directly tied to and closely worked on by 343i. Anything from the creators of Halo stick closely to Halo lore. It doesnt matter if it is toys, commercials, books, games, comics, or advertisements… they nearly always stick to the Halo canon. That is why some of the Halo community was thrown off by some of the changes being made and comments regarding how true to the story they will be. However, I will note that the changes stated do not really change much to the actual story so I’m personally not worried there… I think this will very much stay true to the Halo story and universe as a whole.

      All in all, I get the stress and anxiety from fans for this to not only be true to existing Halo content but also succeed. So much is riding on this. For many years Halo has been rumored to be getting ‘big screen’ treatment but it often came down to contract negotiations falling apart. Halo is much much larger than other franchises so when it came down to dollars it was tough to pin down.

      I know I went a little off track but in the end Red vs. Blue is not a good comparison here other than content exists out there that is not true to Halo canon but that is almost common sense with an franchise especially to something on the scale of Halo. The main difference is that the TV show is closely tied to 343i whereas Red vs. Blue is not.

    • Halo Universe says:

      @Shadow Spidey I’m kind of confused by your comment.

      It sure sounded like when you were speaking about Blue Team that you were talking about that being the truth.

      Well regardless, I can assure you that is not the case. They are not changing any details related to Blue Team be it names or numbers.

    • Halo Universe says:

      @Mario Badia Right, these ‘creative liberties’ are a little annoying in my book. High strung people with no lives immediately pull the ‘racist’ card when it truly has nothing to do with that. It’s the simple fact of staying true to what is there. If some is white, then embrace it. If someone is black, then embrace it. Regardless of who and what and why someone is the way they are, embrace it. Changing for the sake or changing is a little annoying.

      I WILL SAY, HOWEVER… in playing devils advocate to what I just said….

      I can see some interesting reasons as to why to creatively do what they did with Jacob and Miranda Keyes.

      Doctor Halsey and Jacob Keyes are very different people. Similar in some ways but largely different. So them having a child together makes for interesting dynamics with how the child will turn out. Although it is NOT literal, I think Halsey being white and Jacob now being black furthers exemplifies the difference between those two even if that is just from a visual standpoint. Again, white and black people can be very very similar so again this is NOT a literal fact being presented. It just further exemplifies ‘contrast’. What is interesting now with Miranda is that she has in-between skin tone which in it’s own subtle way showing that she is the product of her mom and dad. Them making Miranda into a scientist doesnt exactly break any lore and it doesnt mean that she wont be pulled into military duty in the time to come.

      I will also quickly note that the actor they have playing for Jacob Keyes, other than the skin color obviously, does have a good comparable look to Jacob Keyes. Especially it you compare with the Jacob Keyes look from Halo Reach and Halo CE anniversary.

      That is why although I am annoyed by some of those changes, i can take a step by and try to justify is some creative ways of which i can see some purposeful reasoning to it.

      The main problems I get on this topic is when people start to fall down the ‘racist’ rabbit hole. It ends up typically pulling away from the topic into something else entirely which is frustrating. Stuff like this should be able to be discussed without that coming into play. Heck, I wish I could avoid saying the word at all but sadly I feel the need to in order to hopefully avoid further chaos along those lines.

      I really hope I articulated my annoyance of the change but also the logical reasoning as to why the changes were made they way they were.

    • Halo Universe says:

      @Eeetheedit For real, I wouldn’t doubt it. They said they would be incorporating parts that bridge then gap between video games and cinema so I wouldn’t be surprised to have a moment or two throughout the 10 episode series that will pull off the ‘Doom esque’ style moment where it is first person.

  2. Robbie Rende says:

    MY BODY IS READY FOR THE HALO PARAMOUNT+ SHOW! I hope it adapts as much from both the games and Halo EU books/comics as well. 👽⚔️ Happy Halo day!! 20 years of memories.

  3. Kyle Arking says:

    I thought this was gonna be on Showtime! Now I’m definitely getting a Paramount Plus subscription.

  4. Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838 says:

    Launching this series and infinite MP on the same day out of no where instantly made this the best day of the year

    • Emperor D4C says:

      They show us a first look at the series, and drop Infinite’s MP, both of which on Halo’s 20-year anniversary. This does put a smile on my face.

  5. Nick Lozano says:

    Man, if they did this Mando style where a stunt double does the live-action parts but its dubbed over with Cortana and Chiefs actual VAs. Would be pretty tight.

  6. Martin O'Donnell says:

    Nice music

  7. WigWoo1 says:

    About time. Steven Spielberg announced this in 2013 with the launch of the Xbox One. but I don’t see his name anywhere on this?

    • Gwynbleidd says:

      @Will Thorson From what I’m reading Spielberg is still producing the show though? Through his Amblin Television. But yes I agree production and casting looks great. That guy was also in American gods and some others, it’s Pablo something.

    • Random Guy says:

      @Will Thorson Liev Schreiber’s brother or however it’s spelled. He’s also been in American Gods and some other stuff, he is a really good actor. Idk how he will do as Chief because they’ve said they’re not trying to relocate the voice/attitude identical to the games, but hoping it comes out as a good performance.

    • Rube says:

      Steven Spielberg is confirmed as a producer

    • Dingle says:

      District 9 was also made after the Halo whatever got cancelled.

    • DarkEmpire626 says:

      Here for comments.

  8. Bryce Edward Brown says:

    This brought me back to 2007, so ready for this. I still remember that one video where it was the first like 10 mins of the halo movie released on YouTube. Now I feel like they’re finally doing something like that! But don’t get me wrong, I thought Forward Unto Dawn was pretty cool too

  9. rotimi kayode says:

    They been trying to do this show for years the closest thing we got was forward on to dawn but now they have a bigger budget and I’m excited

  10. morpheus says:

    Been waiting *years,* for Halo to get an on-screen adaption, absolutely stoked.

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