Halsey – Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

Halsey – Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui

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Music video by Halsey performing Strangers. © 2018 Astralwerks


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61 Responses

  1. KGKay says:

    For everyone confused on what this video meant this is what Halsey said on twitter “The video is a metaphor for a toxic relationship. You beat each other down as u get weaker & more desperate your shots get dirty & you fight cheap. You lose sight of what your even fighting for. When someone finally wins, what have they really won? won a fight. lost the person you love”

    • Amy says:

      That’s a weak way of her trying to justify doing nothing

    • Crystal Grieves says:

      Its definitely part of the end of a toxic relationship which works with the storyline. People forget that this is role reversal with Luna as Romeo and Solis as Juliet. Add in Rosaline as Lunas former lover and that’s where she is Rosa.

    • 0bsidiann says:

      If you don’t understand what this whole storyline means you have to watch all of the hfk videos.
      All of her music videos is her version of Romeo and Juliet (style based on Baz Luhrmann’s version), because its about her love life she switched it up.
      Storyline of music videos in order
      1) Now or Never
      2) Sorry
      3) Bad At Love
      4) Bad At Love (angelus cut)
      5) Alone
      6) Strangers

      Characters –
      Luna (Romeo), is from the House of Aureum (House of Montague)
      Solis (Juliet), is from the House of Angelus (House of Capulet)
      Rosa (Rosalne), is from the House of Angelus (House of Capulet)

      Luna loved Rosa in the past, but later fell in love with Solis. This mirrors the original version of Romeo and Juliet.
      The whole storyline is based on Luna and Solis, so this music video is talking about their love. If you don’t know why they exchanged necklaces you’d have to watch the first video (Now or Never)

    • Mehak 25 says:

      KGKay that makes sense

    • Bella R says:

      moody af watch now or never music video it would answer ur question

  2. J Connor says:

    one word


  3. Selma Malik says:

    Never saw this episode of Lucifer

  4. CamilaCabello Greece says:

    Lauren is reprisanting the angel and halsey the devil

    • CGagnon5 says:

      yeah no shit…

    • 0bsidiann says:

      Halsey aka Luna is from the House of Aureum
      Lauren aka Rosa is from the House of Angelus
      Don aka Solis is from the House of Angelus

      In Romeo and Juliet
      Halsey is Romeo from the House of Montaguge
      Lauren is Rosaline from the House of Capulet
      Don is Juliet from the House of Capulet

      Honestly I think Angel On Fire is from Solis P.O.V.

      The Strangers MV is STILL ABOUT LUNA AND SOLIS, Luna had love for Rosa in the past but this whole storyline only centers around Luna and Solis.

    • Lawk says:

      CamilaCabello Greece yeah but Lauren is perfect and in my heart WIN FOREVER

    • kaur says:

      fallen angel perhaps n if this song is the start of their love story solis makes luna feel + “to feel anything at all”

    • Leslie Willis says:

      CamilaCabello Greece accurate of real life lol

  5. Oshi Juji says:

    Wtf is this video. It has nothing to do with the song?

  6. Patricia Ocso says:

    I am a bit disappointed 😂

    • chaosdream1 says:

      peeps wanted more kisses and more sex is my guess, tbh I don’t give a flying fuck I love boxing

    • HopefulAri says:

      I was expecting this music to be like a continuation of the “ghost” music video, but I still love the music video no matter what.

    • gaby says:

      Me too 💔

    • ll says:

      Same and it’s not because there isn’t sex or kisses, even though I would love a girl girl kiss. They video didn’t conveyed the lyrics like I thought it would and the fight and mainly the bruises was really exaggerated.

    • a a says:

      chaosdream1 oh yes this a real boxing match. Don’t watch mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua. Watch this instead of a boxing match

  7. Paul Louis says:

    All of us have been waiting so long for this to drop! Halsey looks so good in this video and her voice is amazing. I want to make a song with her someday.

  8. MEHMET ALİ says:

    I think this video is about heart and mind fight against LOVE

  9. rhaul says:

    It could have been better

  10. Gabriella Lima says:



    Omg she is so beautiful 🧡🧡🧡

  12. أوكسيتوسين Oxytocin says:

    Beautiful 💟

  13. Érica, A memetizadora says:

    what? Wasn’t it supposed to be a video about love between two women ??

  14. Tobias Burrell says:

    Before 2M?

  15. Anveksha Rai says:

    This song needed a music video because its amazing 👏👏👏👏

  16. erinchohope says:

    00:01 and i already love this

  17. Envolvidona says:

    Dois mulherão da porra ❤️🇧🇷

  18. Uma garota Qualquer. says:


  19. ; Dayanne Bangtan says:


  20. ; Dayanne Bangtan says:

    Halsey por qué eres tan hermosa? :”v

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