Halsey – Without Me (ft. Juice WRLD) – Audio ft. Juice WRLD

Halsey – Without Me (ft. Juice WRLD) – Audio ft. Juice WRLD

“Without Me” (ft. Juice WRLD) available now: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD
get the single: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD
listen on Spotify: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD/spotify
listen on Apple Music: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD/applemusic
buy on iTunes: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD/iTunes
get it on Amazon Music: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD/Amazon
get it on Google Play: https://halsey.lnk.to/WMJuiceWRLDYD/google-play
watch more Halsey videos: https://halsey.lnk.to/officialvideosYD

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84 Responses

  1. Ariana Efron says:

    Billie eilish+ Halsey= Heaven

  2. Rute Barreto says:

    *I LOVE HER SO MUCH* ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. sania meherin says:

    Halsey and Billie are trying to kill me altogether

  4. Natalee Martinez says:

    I like it, just not as much as the original, the only reason is because she took off the part that says “you don’t have to say, just what you did, I already know, I had to go and find out from them…” That part on the original, sounded like she had put so much passion into it, and she just completely took it off in this version… either way, I like it❤️

    • Lawrence Nguyen says:

      Idk when juice said life’s not fair u took advantage of me sounded pretty passionate to me and like his verse was longer then the one removed so like it kinda adds to the song If anything Bc the part that they took out sounds like when she says just so u can take advantage of me so like I think adds to the song Bc the song alrdy has a part like that idk it’s just my opinion

    • ElixR イーサン says:

      Yeah. That’s not even her lyric. It’s from cry me a river by Justin Timberlake.

    • Briella Esparza says:

      I agree

  5. MsKamene says:

    This song is so good ieven with or with out juice wrld

  6. Rahib Siddiqui says:

    I’m addicted to this song since it’s release, thanks Halsey for this song , we love u ♥️♥️♥️♥️ forever

  7. ibbi alhafiz says:

    Billie billish x Halsey x zhavia

  8. Simp Wrld says:

    Juice wrld is seriously something great

  9. IXO % says:

    Juice wrld is horrible

    At making a bad song/ feature☺

  10. Nadeiah Howard says:

    Halsey and Billie… I must be drunk lol

  11. Izzath Imtiaz says:

    i still see ur shadows in my room, cant take back the love that i gave you ohh!

  12. CosmicVoyager says:

    My depression has a sound track now I guess

  13. RileyTaugor says:

    999 taking over ?

  14. Aisha xxx says:

    This was sooooo good. All I need now is Billie Eilish and Halsey.

  15. _ LUNI _ says:

    Auto tunned so much that juice wrld sounds like post malone. Smh.

  16. MR.ANONYMOUS says:

    Who else saw 17 and 999 on the sternum ???

  17. Gohar Hassan Dar says:

    Juice wrld lyrics are hella depressing

  18. triggered says:

    Lana. Billie. Halsey.

  19. zeus says:

    2015: me, myself & I
    2017: him and I
    2018: without me
    2019: without him
    2020: without anybody

  20. Jorge Reyes says:

    You know who else would make it perfect just add Post Malone??

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