HAMILTON Ham4Ham 1/2/16 with Taran Killam

HAMILTON Ham4Ham 1/2/16 with Taran Killam

For the first Ham4Ham show of 2016, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Taran Killam offers “The 12 Facts of Hamilton Not Covered In The Show.” Sing along with Taran and Lin, and happy new year!

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13 Responses

  1. ttwentrs s says:


  2. Brianna Quinene says:


  3. Rachel Greenwald says:

    I was waiting for the fact not covered in the show that he was super gay
    for laurens

  4. Laura Elvers says:

    Can’t wait to hear what Jebidiah Atkinson thinks of Hamilton!

  5. Alison Schwab says:

    Holy cow I’m early
    This is great

  6. Martha Garvey says:

    Fear of spaghetti!

  7. JonasAlmostFamous says:

    I had to watch this twice. Once watching Taran and one just watching Lin

  8. Leni Ferner says:

    this is my favorite ham4ham to ever happen ever ohmygoodness!!!

  9. WitBeondMeasure says:

    In case you were curious, here are five real facts from Chernow’s bio; he
    might not even have been a Hamilton, (probably) wrote letters back to St.
    Croix from NYC, published most of his essays anonymously, once defended the
    loyalist head of Kings college from a crowd of angry mobsters and published
    the Reynolds’ pamphlet in response to accusations of fraud and adultery
    from James Reynolds.

  10. Lauren Crisp says:

    Omg I need Lin to host an episode of SNL so much now

  11. hena1937 says:

    I enjoy doing six degrees of separation. LMN was on HIMYM with this guys
    wife. I can usually relate everything back to RENT! thats only because of
    Anthony Rapp though.

  12. Heather Hein says:

    i was actually there!!! it was so crowded but so amazing to see in person

  13. RevucumberTechUSA says:

    Get this the fuck off the trending tab